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Even before Covid-19, going to the doctor’s office was often a time consuming and stressful experience. With the advent of new telehealth technology, however, there are so many more options for you to receive healthcare from the safety and comfort of your own home. Virtual doctor’s visits are via secure platform, have been recommended by the CDC, and are an amazing HIPAA compliant option for many of your healthcare needs.

  • Connect in Comfort

 Through booking a virtual doctor visit, you can connect with a physician from the comfort of your own home. All you need is internet, a device to access the consultation platform, and a relatively quiet spot to have conversations with your doctor. It really is a game-changer when you have the option to connect virtually to a physician if you’re not feeling great from your couch or in your pajamas.

  • More Time More Money

 Going into the doctor’s office is often time-consuming. You have to factor in travel, waiting time, and also schedule your return just to access an in-person appointment. With a virtual doctor visit, you will save valuable time as well as any fees related to transportation, and you have more freedom to fit a virtual doctor visit into your busy schedule. 

  • Reduce the Risk

 With the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, being in a doctor’s office can definitely be anxiety-inducing. However, a virtual doctor visit reduces the risk of being in spaces where you might be exposed to Covid-19, whether it’s at the doctor’s office or in transit to get there. You can connect to your appointment from a safe and comfortable environment without the risk of infection. 

  • Family Care

 With complicated schedules and reduced contact with others in your household due to Covid-19, finding childcare for things like doctor’s visits has generally become a more complicated process. With a virtual doctor visit, however, you have the option of connecting with a healthcare provider while still caring for your loved ones at home. 

  • Follow-ups are a Breeze!

Whenever you go to a doctor’s appointment, there’s always the potential that it could result in a follow-up consultation. With the flexibility and easy access to virtual doctor’s appointments, the follow-up scheduling process is much more manageable. Connecting for appointments digitally allows both you and your healthcare provider much more convenience and access and provides greater access for any follow-up consultations that you might need!

 Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena

 If you’re interested in booking a virtual doctor’s visit, contact us at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena and let us help walk you through this process. Our trained staff will help you download the consultation platform and answer any questions you might have about your virtual doctor’s visit. Connect with us for virtual healthcare from our trained physicians from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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