15 Mar 2019

Does Health Insurance Cover Urgent Care STD Testing?

STD testing can help to reassure you when you are experiencing health symptoms. But it’s important to know your options when you require a test completed. Urgent care STD testing can be a great alternative to STD testing in a hospital or emergency room. In this latest post, we’ll explain how health insurance can cover […]

5 Mar 2019

The Value of Urgent Care Clinic Services

When you are experiencing a health issue, the most obvious option is to visit an emergency room and see a doctor. But oftentimes this isn’t the right choice for your particular health challenge. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care has great experience in the healthcare field, and in this new post, we’re taking a look […]

30 Nov 2018

Choose A Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic When You Need Medical Care Fast!

If you’re sick, or you’ve suffered a mild-to-moderate injury, you don’t want to wait around for treatment.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you might end up doing if you choose to visit the Emergency Room. ERs can make you sit around for hours if your condition isn’t life-threatening. But you don’t want to wait!  You want […]

30 Oct 2018

Need Imaging? Get an Urgent Care X-Ray for Fast Results!

The discovery of X-rays is undoubtedly among the most important inventions in medical history.  Being able to see inside the human body has allowed for many diagnoses which could not happen in any other way and has saved uncountable lives over the years. And if you need imaging, an urgent care X-ray is often the best choice!  […]

10 Oct 2018

Visit an Urgent Care Clinic Near Pasadena For Top Quality Services!

When a non-life-threatening medical problem hits, your best choice is usually to visit an urgent care clinic near Pasadena! Urgent care clinics can offer most of the same services as a doctor’s office or hospital ER… except with shorter waits and much lower prices.  Staffed by genuine doctors and nurses, an urgent care clinic can […]

31 Mar 2018

Do You Need to See a Doctor for Your Sore Throat? The Advanced Urgent Care Team Explains

A sore throat is often nothing more than the result of a cold. But in some cases, the symptom can be related to a much more dangerous condition such as Group A Streptococcus bacteria, which cause strep throat. It’s important that you know more about the symptoms of dangerous throat conditions in deciding whether you […]

30 Mar 2018

Our Advanced Urgent Care Team Explains Fever in Children: When to Visit a Clinic

A child’s fever could be a sign of an impending medical issue. But there are cases in which the fever is a harmless symptom. It’s important to note when to take your child to the doctor as a result of their fever, and our team at Advanced Urgent Care can use our experience to explain […]

13 Aug 2014

Pasadena Urgent Care Now Open!

Come visit our new Pasadena Urgent Care Facility.