Telemedicine in Pasadena

With telemedicine in Pasadena, it’s easier than ever to get the medical care you need – without even needing to leave your home.

Telemedicine allows you to consult directly with a telemedicine doctor using videoconferencing software on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  You’ll still be consulting with fully licensed and qualified doctors, just doing it remotely.  They’ll be able to talk to you, answer your questions, and provide care and guidance – all over a video chat.

Plus, of course, it’s completely confidential and HIPAA compliant.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Telemedicine Doctor?

There are numerous reasons a patient might choose a telemedicine doctor in Pasadena. 

1. Worries about disease exposure

There are a lot of dangerous diseases out there and, of course, people waiting at a clinic do tend to be sick.  Using telemedicine means you can stay home and isolated, without exposing yourself to any illnesses that might be spread in the waiting room or parking lot.

2. Mobility issues

A lot of people may have difficulty moving around or driving.  Getting to a clinic appointment might be hard.  Instead, consulting with a telemedicine doctor means they can still receive care, but without any additional hardship.

3. Time burdens

We know, a lot of you are extremely busy.  Even fitting in a trip to a walk-in clinic might be difficult with a hectic schedule.  Telemedicine services take less time than a full clinic visit and can be scheduled exactly when you need them to happen.

4. Traveling

Are you out of state or otherwise away from your regular doctor at Urgent Care of Pasadena?  Telemedicine keeps you in contact with them, no matter where you are – even if you’re on the other side of the world.

Consulting with A Telemedicine Doctor Makes Clinic Visits Easier

We specifically wanted to make it as easy as possible for our patients to get the healthcare they need, from anywhere, under any circumstances.  If you need medication, we can even send the prescription straight to your regular pharmacy for easy pickup.  Getting great medical care really couldn’t be simpler.  

Of course, we’re still offering all our standard in-clinic services too!  If you need to come visit, we’ll always be here for you.  Or, if you prefer to stay home, you’ll get the same quality of health services you expect from our telemedicine doctors, just without the extra trip.

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