Why Visit Urgent Care in Pasadena?

The Advanced Urgent Care walk-in clinic focuses on giving the immediate care you need when an Emergency Room Visit is not necessary.

Highly Qualified Healthcare Providers

We know your trust is valuable. That is why all of our providers are hand picked and highly qualified. We want to make sure you have the professional care that you need.

Pasadena Urgent Care Hours

Monday – Friday
Saturday – Sunday
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our Pasadena Urgent Care Services

We offer a variety of walk-in care solutions for adults and children. For more information about Advanced Urgent Care in Pasadena, Contact Us. For All Life Threatening Medical Emergencies CALL 911!

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20 Feb 2019

Urgent Care STD Testing – How to Talk STDs With Your Partner

It’s a very good idea for anyone who is sexually active to visit an urgent care STD testing clinic in Pasadena at least once a year for an STD exam, or whenever they’ve gotten a new sexual partner.  No one wants to think about the potential of picking up an STD, but it’s always a possibility. As […]

10 Feb 2019

Save Money by Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic in Pasadena

It’s no secret that healthcare prices are out of control in America.  Visiting a doctor’s office for something simple like a physical exam, or round of flu shots, can cost you hundreds of dollars.  Or if you need a trip to the ER, the costs of care can be absolutely ruinous! Fortunately, there is an […]

1 Feb 2019

There Are So Many Reasons to Visit Pasadena Urgent Care!

For many people, when they realize they need medical services, they only think of two things: a doctor’s office, or the hospital.  However, we want people to know there’s a third option, and it’s the best option in many different scenarios:  visiting a Pasadena urgent care clinic instead! In fact, every day more people are […]