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Our clinic recognizes the urgency of your health needs, which is why it’s equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and staff by healthcare specialists committed to your well-being. No matter the nature of your injury – be it minor, persistent coughing, poison ivy rash, or allergy symptoms – our team has you covered quickly with diagnosis and treatment services via on-site laboratory services that produce quick results so we can promptly provide effective therapy in an atmosphere conducive to healing.

At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadenawe take great pride in offering superior healthcare in an atmosphere conducive to faster healing. Our high-quality care can help make you feel better quickly; thus, we promise high-quality services while remaining committed to providing exceptional patient experiences and caring environments so that our patients experience healing faster! We guarantee high-quality services for common seasonal allergy triggers while remaining dedicated to delivering excellent patient experiences so you feel better faster!

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What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies & Flu Virus?

Seasonal allergies and influenza seasonal virus infections are serious health problems affecting millions of people around the globe yet they often share similar symptoms, making diagnosis and treatment complex and confusing. Knowing which one applies in each situation is crucial in making proper diagnoses and decisions regarding care.


Sneezing is an unavoidable symptom of seasonal allergies, acting to dislodge pollen or dust from nasal passages and reduce irritation caused by pollen, dust, or pet dander allergens entering our respiratory systems. Allergic sneezing usually accompanies an unpleasant, itchy sensation repeated multiple times per second. In contrast, flu season sneezing tends to come less often and often comes along with fatigue or headache symptoms.

Itchy Nose and/or Throat

Nose and throat itchiness are classic signs of seasonal allergies, triggered when our immune systems overreact to airborne allergens by producing histamine and other chemicals which lead to itchy sensations in response to airborne allergens. When treating influenza virus infection and symptoms such as fever and body aches instead, an itchy throat might sometimes make its presence known. However, more notable manifestations such as sore throat, fever, and body aches will likely overshadow this more subtle manifestation.

Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is a widespread side effect of seasonal allergies and flu virus, often manifesting with inflammation in the nasal passages from an allergic response. In contrast, influenza-induced congestion results from inflammation but is typically accompanied by general feelings of illness. While both causes produce mucus–although allergy-induced congestion often produces clear mucus while flu-induced congestion often produces thicker discolored substance.

Clear, Runny Nose 

A clear and runny nose are often symptoms of seasonal allergies rather than influenza seasonal, caused by your body trying to flush away allergens with thin mucus that quickly runs out through your nose. By comparison, a runny nose caused by flu may last less often, and be associated with other systemic issues.

Postnasal Drip

When extra fluid from the nose flows down into the back of the throat, this is called postnasal drip. This makes your throat hurt and makes you cough. You want to clear your throat all the time. Postnasal drip generally happens when people have allergies because allergens make the body produce too much mucus. It can also occur to people who have the flu, but most of the time, they have other signs of struggling to breathe.

Sore Throat

Seasonal allergies often leave sufferers with sore throats due to postnasal drip, irritating their throat lining. A sore throat caused by flu is typically much more intense due to viral infection affecting throat tissues directly, thus making this different from mild sore throat symptoms associated with allergies in terms of severity and pain levels.

Differentiating Between Seasonal Allergies and the Flu Virus

While symptoms can often overlap between seasonal allergies and flu, there are important distinctions that can help distinguish seasonal allergy from flu:

Duration and Seasonality: Allergic symptoms generally remain until their source has been eliminated, often lasting from weeks to years in some instances. Conversely, flu symptoms typically develop quickly and last briefly before subsiding again. 

Fever and Body Aches: Fever is commonly experienced during flu outbreaks, but this symptom does not normally accompany allergies.

Response to Medication: Antihistamines often effectively relieve allergies, while flu virus symptoms frequently require antiviral treatments to bring comfort.

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