Are you in need of a physical examination for employment, sports, camp, or just a routine wellness exam? Or may you need specialized Pro Ops & Physical Exams? At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, our healthcare professionals are ready when you are to provide you with a comprehensive exam, including lab work if needed. No appointments are required. Just walk in at your ease after school or work. Our friendly staff can help you get the care you need when needed. Ensure you bring all necessary forms so our staff & physician can complete the paperwork before you leave the office.

So whether it be an annual checkup, pre-op medical clearance, walk-in appointments, or lab work, we understand the value of your time, so we offer walk-in appointments so your visit runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Please bring all documents necessary so our physicians can advise accordingly; your health and convenience are our highest priorities, and you can rely on us to deliver top-quality care!

pre op medical clearance


Our sports physicals range from high school to college football. No matter your concerns, we are always there to help you. Our pre-ops services generally include the following:

  • Physical Health Exam
  • Height and Weight
  • Range of Motion
  • Hernia Checkup
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Pulse
  • Vision Screening
  • Urinalysis
  • Labs, EKG, and much more


  • Physical Health Exam
  • Height and Weight
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Pulse
  • Verification of Immunizations
  • TB Testing
  • Tetanus/TDAP Vaccination
  • And much more depending on your needs


Is your surgery scheduled? We understand that a surgical procedure can be stressful for patients. That is why we make it simple to help you prepare for surgery and provide medical clearance. Your EKG, physical, and Chest X-ray can be prepared the same day, and your labs usually take longer by the next day (some labs take longer)*. We can do your physical and EKG and run all the required lab work to get you ready for surgery in one visit! No appointments are required. We will forward your paperwork to your surgery coordinator once your lab work has been completed for surgery. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

We’re committed to easing your presurgical clearance process. Check out this blog to know more about what to expect from your pre-op urgent care appointment. Our team handles everything precisely to streamline your medical clearance, from physicals to EKGs and X-rays. We offer the ease of managing all your pre-surgical requirements in one visit. Our focus is to ensure a seamless transition to your surgery.


Please bring a valid ID, insurance card, and all the medications you are taking (if any). Also, please bring any other required forms that are needed.

*Please note your health & safety is our top priority. We cannot guarantee that you will be cleared for surgery. Additional info on medical history, laboratory tests, and workups may be needed depending on your health condition & existing disease states. Most lab results for the pre-op medical clearance, such as PT, PTT, CBC, and CMP, can be ready the next working day, but some labs take longer to process.

Understanding Pre-Op Medical Clearance

Urgent care pre-op is an integral element in prepping for surgery, involving an extensive evaluation to ensure a patient is in suitable health for safe surgery. It involves not just looking at what area will need surgery but also their overall state of well-being to avoid any postoperative complications.

Critical Components of Pre-Operative Clearance

A preoperative evaluation and clearance typically involves an extensive physical exam that may include EKG and chest X-ray testing to assess heart and lung health; lab tests are also administered to evaluate vital functions like kidney and liver health, blood counts, and clotting ability; these assessments help detect any risks that could compromise surgery or anesthesia procedures.

Purpose of Pre-Op Clearance

The primary goal of pre-op clearance is to minimize surgical and anesthetic risks. Preventative steps aim for any chronic medical conditions that might interfere with the surgery’s success; additionally, this step prevents any complications like postoperative pulmonary complications, cardiac risk, respiratory complications, perinatal complications, etc., and ensures optimal postoperative care and recovery for safe surgical patients experience throughout surgical procedures.

Same-Day Physical Appointments

Time Is of the Essence

Our clinic understands the urgency and convenience associated with needing physical examinations for employment, sports participation, or personal health reasons are of utmost importance, which is why same-day physical appointments can be scheduled at no additional charge to fit into busy schedules without sacrificing quality service delivery. Our streamlined system guarantees timely yet quality-driven care while making appointments more manageable than ever.

No Wait, No Hassle

Forget long waits and scheduling hassles; with our same-day appointment system, you can walk in at a time that best fits you – our dedicated staff is standing by, ready to provide immediate assistance, ensuring that your visit will be swift and thorough!

Comprehensive Care

At our healthcare, professionals provide swift pre-op medical clearance service by providing thorough physical exams. From essential health evaluations to sports and employment physicals, they cover everything necessary. We aim to ensure our patients remain fit for activities or job requirements.

Paperwork Reducing Hassles

We also expedite any paperwork required of you by employers or sports teams requiring physical exams; bring any forms you might need with you, and we’ll handle everything else efficiently so you leave our clinic having everything completed without spending extra time completing forms on your own. Our randomized clinical trial efficient process means leaving our clinic without worrying that everything has been finished for your visit – saving both time and hassle for us!

We Can Be Your Helping hand To Get Your Pre Op Medical Clearance

Are You Preparing to Undergo Surgery at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena? Trust Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena to simplify the pre-op medical clearance process! Visit today and complete all physical, EKG, and lab work in just one visit, giving us the ability to ensure you’re ready for surgery without hassles or inconvenience. Contact us to learn more!

For more information, or if you have additional questions regarding our services, please call our office today at 626.304.0404

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