Think you may have sprained your wrist—or something worse? At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, we are able to provide our patients urgent care X-Ray results within minutes.  Whether it is a weekend, evening or holiday, we are able to provide X-Ray services 7 days a week/356 days a year.  An immediate urgent care chest X-Ray can ease your mind and save hours of time and the expense of an ER visit.  We can splint most common injuries in our office.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena uses state of the art digital radiography instead of the tradition X-Rays.  We obtain high definition images.  Therefore, we can see the results instantly.  The benefit of digital radiography is that there is no chemical processing of film, which is both better for the environment and faster to process as compared to traditional chest X-Rays.  A radiologist reads our X-rays within minutes.

Receive a Digital Copy of Your Chest X-Ray

We provide you with a complimentary copy of your digital X-Rays on a CD as well as the radiologist report.  This makes it easier to provide the images to specialists, primary care physicians, and you can see your own images at home.


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