Nestled within Pasadena is our state-of-the-art facility, offering unparalleled medical expertise for anyone requiring immediate care. At Urgent Care Center Pasadena, we understand medical emergencies are unpredictable, necessitating prompt, professional attention. That is why our experienced healthcare team strives to offer top-quality urgent care services 7 days a week/365 days a year.

At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, our patient-centric focus sets us apart. From minor injuries and sudden illnesses to routine medical tests and needs like physicals or ECGs – our compassionate staff has your healthcare needs covered efficiently with no waiting times for visits that provide seamless healthcare experiences and comfortable environments in mind.

Your health is our mission! Trust our Pasadena Urgent Care Center to be there when medical help is required, be it urgent care, clinic services, or ongoing wellness management plans. Let’s work together to maintain an active, vibrant life – visit today and experience healthcare at its finest!

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Immediate Care

Can you not see your primary care physician today? Don’t Worry Our Pasadena Advanced Immediate Care understands It can be challenging for patients to make appointments with their primary care providers when in urgent medical need – that is why our providers at Pasadena Urgent Care Centre offer same-day services if we are needed – they will give the care that’s right for you when necessary! Our providers will provide essential care for medication refills, flu symptoms, or suspected bone breaks!


Get the care you need when needed with Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena’s walk-in facility, open seven days a week, 365 days per year (including holidays ) without an appointment necessary. At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, we understand health concerns don’t follow a set schedule, and no appointment is ever required! So, we have made accessing quality medical care easier than ever. Our extended hours are tailored specifically for busy lifestyles so that timely medical assistance reaches you at times most suitable to you. No matter if it is early morning or evening hours – or during holidays! Our medical professionals are always on standby, ready to offer expert medical assistance with compassion and efficiency. Trust us to be there when needed with top-tier healthcare services delivered as soon as you require them!

Less Cost, Less Wait

Why wait for hours in an emergency room Pasadena? Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena provides patients with fast, friendly, & affordable healthcare. No Insurance? No Problem. We provide affordable rates for the non-insured. Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena is available to treat acute, non-life-threatening issues. If you are experiencing any emergency, please call 911 & go to the nearest emergency center.

Comprehensive Care   

At Pasadena Primary Care, for your convenience and peace of mind, our comprehensive care facility features digital X-ray services and on-site pharmacy and laboratory services for complete treatment services. With our convenient integration of services, you can focus on getting well without visiting multiple healthcare locations for treatment and diagnosis. 

Digital X-ray technology from our advanced digital imaging lab ensures fast, precise imaging that provides timely diagnoses and prompt treatments. Plus, convenient pharmacy and laboratory services on-site allow prescriptions to be filled immediately following consultation. In contrast, swift laboratory test results help streamline care processes while saving time and hassle on the way to recovery. Trust us to offer complete, convenient care throughout every stage.


  • Aches & Pains
  • Allergies & Asthma
  • Breathing Treatments
  • Broken Bones
  • Bronchitis
  • Burns
  • Cough/Cold and Flu
  • Cuts & Scratches
  • Earaches
  • EKGs
  • Headaches
  • In-house Pharmacy
  • Fever
  • Migraines
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Nausea
  • Pneumonia
  • Pre-Op Physicals
  • Prescription Refills
  • Pink Eye
  • Rashes
  • School and Sports Physicals
  • Sinusitis
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Strep and Sore Throat
  • TB Testing/PPD
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Work-Related Injuries
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Fractures, Sprains, and Injuries

Immediate Attention for Bone Fractures

Advanced Immediate Care of Pasadena offers immediate assessment and treatment of bone fractures. Our experienced medical team utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, such as X-rays, to pinpoint their nature and extent accurately with immediate care available on-site to stabilize injuries while alleviating discomfort quickly, ensuring rapid healing processes.

Expert Care for Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains can be both painful and debilitating injuries, which is why our urgent care center provides expert treatment. From ankle sprains, muscle strains, or ligament sprains to tailored recovery plans designed to get patients back on their feet as soon as possible, our healthcare providers specialize in diagnosing and treating such ailments efficiently. 

We aim to decrease pain levels so our healthcare professionals can get you back to health as quickly as possible. Our healthcare professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating them effectively so we can bring you back out of pain quickly. Our tailored recovery plans help get our patients back out quickly from illness!

Handling All Types of Injuries

Accidents happen anytime and anyplace – from minor cuts and bruises to more serious ones. Our compassionate team thoroughly cares for any injury, prioritizing comfort and healing. We pride ourselves in offering top-quality medical treatment with personalized service, ensuring a speedy recovery time frame.

Have Symptoms And Need Help? Schedule Your Appointment Now

Our top priority is your well-being. We appreciate the need for accessible yet efficient medical services, so if you are currently suffering symptoms that require assistance, don’t hesitate to book an appointment! Urgent Care Center Pasadena‘s team of trained professionals stands ready to offer you quality healthcare when you need it most. 

With convenient locations, extended hours, and comprehensive services, we guarantee an experience tailored to each patient’s healthcare needs- all these amenities make for a superior healthcare experience! Trust Advanced Urgent Care to meet them compassionately and find expert solutions for urgent medical concerns – visit today and experience excellence at its finest – Call us and schedule an appointment or visit today and experience excellence at its finest – Advanced Urgent Care Pasadena is there when it counts! Visit and experience urgent care excellence here in Pasadena.

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