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3 Aug 2021

Seven Things You Want When Choosing a Telehealth Service

What To Look for When Choosing a Telehealth Services Provider Telehealth services are revolutionizing the health industry!  With telehealth – also called telemedicine – you can use commonly available videoconferencing software to consult with a doctor from the comfort of your own home.  Telehealth is fast, inexpensive, and effective.  A majority of doctor’s office visits can actually be […]

29 Jul 2021

How Urgent Care Clinics Are Revolutionizing Modern Healthcare

Everyone knows that modern healthcare in America has problems.  It’s expensive, it’s hard to get access, and things are particularly difficult for people who lack insurance.  Even a completely basic doctor’s office visit for a checkup or physical could cost hundreds of dollars, making preventative care inaccessible for far too many people. In fact, surveys […]

26 Jul 2021

How to Make the Most of Your Telemedicine Sessions

Telemedicine – also called telehealth – is an amazing new way to receive consultations, diagnoses, and prescriptions from a doctor.  Rather than actually driving to your local urgent care clinic for help, you can simply schedule an appointment and conference with the doctor from the comfort of your own home.  It’s effective too!  According to […]

21 Jul 2021

Reasons to Get STD Testing in Pasadena

How STD Testing Benefits You Whether you’ve been putting off getting tested for months or you’ve never even considered it, there are many reasons why you may want to have an STD test done sooner than later. Taking care of your sexual health is just as important as any other element of your overall well-being. […]

15 Jul 2021

5 Big Benefits of Telemedicine

5 Advantages Offered by Telemedicine Services Technology has made it easier and more convenient to conduct business in a variety of different sectors. However, many people are unaware of the benefits that modern technology has to offer the healthcare industry. Telemedicine is a safe, innovative way for patients to meet with physicians from the comfort […]

12 Jul 2021

A Guide to Finding the Best 24-Hour Urgent Care

How to Find the Best 24-Hour Urgent Care in Your Area Urgent care centers are excellent resources for those who require prompt medical attention from highly qualified health professionals. Gone are the days where such individuals would have to wait in a crowded emergency room or pay astronomical medical bills for minor ailments. With 24-hour […]

2 Jul 2021

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pediatric Clinic in Pasadena

Making sure your child receives the very best care is of the highest priority when it comes to great parenting. What this means is that it’s crucial to make the right decisions about your child’s healthcare so that you’re not left in a bind if an emergency comes up, but also because it’s important to […]

27 Jun 2021

The 4 Major Advantages of 24-Hour Urgent Care

When it comes to your health or the health of a loved one, you don’t want to take any chances. If your problem isn’t immediate or life-threatening, then the Emergency Room is usually not the best place for seeking medical treatment. Instead of waiting around to book an appointment with your family doctor, why not […]

24 Jun 2021

The Benefits of Using Advanced Urgent Care Services in Pasadena

When it comes to finding the right healthcare for your needs, choosing between your family doctor, the emergency room and an urgent care clinic can often be a tricky endeavor. If you’re looking to get quality treatment in a quick and efficient manner that won’t break the bank, then an urgent care clinic might be […]

1 Jun 2021

What Are the Advantages of Pediatric Urgent Care?

There is nothing more frightening than watching a child undergo a medical emergency. In order to get the best medical care when your child is experiencing alarming symptoms like shortness of breath or a fractured bone, it is important to understand the differences between various urgent care facilities. Caregivers have three main healthcare facilities to […]

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