Consultations Are Easy with A Virtual Doctor Visit

At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, we’re committed to making affordable medical services available to as many Californians as possible.  Now, we’ve gone a step farther.  With our new virtual doctor visit service, you don’t even have to come to our clinic to receive the top-quality medical care you need!

A Virtual Doctor Visit Makes Healthcare Easier Than Ever

What is a virtual doctor visit?  It is medical teleconferencing!  Rather than coming to the clinic in person, you can arrange for a video chat via your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  Then, you can get the attention you need whenever it’s convenient, wherever it’s convenient.

You’ll still have access to the same highly experienced doctors and nurses who care for everyone who visits Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena.  You’ll just be doing it from a distance, using your device’s camera to talk to the doctor, and show him anything important.  If you need prescriptions filled, we can even have them sent directly to your nearest pharmacy.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to consult with a doctor!

Why Use A Virtual Doctor Visit?

Why not come to the clinic?  There are plenty of good reasons:

  • You want to avoid illnesses in the waiting room.  Clinic waiting rooms often have sick people, and that can increase your disease exposure.
  • You’re sick and don’t want to expose others.  Sometimes staying home is best if you think you have a communicable disease.  Virtual doctor visits help keep everyone safe and healthy!
  • You’re too busy.  Sometimes a person just has too much happening to spare time for a doctor’s appointment.  Now, you can consult with a doctor in just a few minutes, at any time during normal business hours.
  • You have mobility issues.  Do you have difficulty getting around?  This gives you another way to get critical healthcare advice.
  • You want to save money.  Virtual doctor’s appointments are even more affordable than at-home care.
  • You’re traveling.  Away from home?  Remote appointments let you continue to talk to your regular doctors here at the clinic.

We Take Care of You, Wherever You Are

Virtual doctor visits are just one of the many ways Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena helps keep you safe and healthy!  If you need care but are unable to visit the clinic, it’s no problem.  Just contact us, and we’ll help you set up your own virtual doctor visit!

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