12 Apr 2024

X-Ray: What Is It? Types, Preparation & Risks

X-Ray: What Is It? Types, Preparation & Risks

Few instruments are as important in the field of medical diagnosis as X-rays. These undetectable electromagnetic radiation beams have completely transformed the medical industry by providing doctors with a window into the workings of the human body. Here, we will go deeply into the use of X-rays, covering what they are, their types, the preparation […]

12 Sep 2023

Traditional X-Ray Vs Digital X-Ray: The Importance Of Staying Up To Date

Traditional X-Ray Vs Digital X-Ray: The Importance Of Staying Up To Date

Medical imaging technology continues to advance quickly, and one significant development in medical imaging has been the shift from traditional to digital X-rays. Gone are the days of bulky film cassettes as well as darkrooms– in this modern era a more efficient, cost-effective and diagnostically superior alternative has evolved. At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, […]

3 Aug 2023

Strep Throat vs Flu: Learn to Spot the Differences and Why It Matters

Strep Throat vs Flu: Learn to Spot the Differences and Why It Matters

Navigating the health landscape can often feel like navigating an intricate maze, particularly when common illnesses share symptoms that overlap. Distinguishing between strep throat and flu, two prevalent conditions, can present significant challenges. This blog seeks to clear away the confusion by detailing how differentiating between “strep throat and flu” can benefit you on your […]

22 Jun 2023

Understanding Human Metapneumovirus (HMPV): Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention

Since the global pandemic began, phrases like “viral infections” or “covid testing near me” have become part of everyday online searches and conversations. While COVID-19 has rightfully gained international attention, we must not overlook other viruses that could impact our health. One such pathogen is Human Metapneumovirus (HMPV), a respiratory pathogen commonly seen among infants, […]

21 Dec 2020

Why and How Doctor on Demand is Beneficial for Mental Health

Life right now is overwhelming. Along with the regular stressors of family, work, finances, and relationships, we are all living with the added layer of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tending to your own health and wellbeing during this time can be a challenge, and often might even rank low on your priority list. However, there are […]

14 Dec 2020

How Virtual Doctor Visits Have Become a Life-Changer

Even before Covid-19, going to the doctor’s office was often a time consuming and stressful experience. With the advent of new telehealth technology, however, there are so many more options for you to receive healthcare from the safety and comfort of your own home. Virtual doctor’s visits are via secure platform, have been recommended by […]

30 Nov 2020

Top 5 Tips on Telehealth Visits for Physicians

For both physicians and patients alike, telehealth visits are an amazing way to continue to provide top-notch patient care during a time where meeting in person can be a huge challenge. With the continued presence of Covid-19 across the country, telehealth services provide a crucial added layer of accessibility and help reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission for both […]

16 Nov 2020

How a Walk-In Clinic Near Me is a Great Option with Many Benefits

The number of walk-in clinics and urgent care centers continues to rise across the country. These medical facilities offer numerous benefits and are an excellent alternative for many patients that do not need to visit the emergency room. Searching for a walk-in near me is well worth the time and effort to ensure you receive […]

16 Nov 2020

How to Reduce the Costs If You Need Urgent Care with No Insurance

Making an appointment with a doctor is important if you are dealing with a medical issue. Unfortunately, plenty of people in the United States are unable to afford the high costs of health insurance. However, you should still visit a doctor if you need urgent care with no insurance. Community health clinics, walk-in clinics, and […]

2 Nov 2020

Why You Should Consider a Remote Doctor Consultation

The rapid advance of technology over the past few years has made it possible for many people to receive remote doctor consultation services. Telemedicine makes it easy for patients to receive medical care in rural areas without having to travel a long distance. This convenient form of healthcare is much more accessible and will only […]

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