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Making an appointment with a doctor is important if you are dealing with a medical issue. Unfortunately, plenty of people in the United States are unable to afford the high costs of health insurance. However, you should still visit a doctor if you need urgent care with no insurance. Community health clinics, walk-in clinics, and direct care providers are likely available at a lower cost if you are not insured. Visiting urgent care with no insurance is also an excellent option if you are dealing with an emergency, such as broken bones, wounds, or sprains.

Here are a few simple tips to consider if you need urgent care with no insurance.

  1. Find Out If You Are Eligible for a Discount

One of the first steps in reducing your cost for urgent care is to mention that you do not have health insurance. It is possible that you may be eligible for a discount. Rates also vary by location, as calling different medical facilities can help you find the best available deal.

  1. Ask for a Payment Plan

Another way to help you manage the cost of a doctor’s visit is to ask for a payment plan. Making your payments over time can help you significantly reduce upfront costs and make it much easier to pay for a visit to urgent care with no insurance.

  1. Use Prescription Saving Cards

You can also save money on many prescriptions by using a prescription savings card. These discounts on medication can be very beneficial in helping you manage your medical expenses. Asking for a generic version of a drug is also a great way to minimize the out-of-pocket price for your medication.

  1. Verify to See If You Qualify for Medicaid

Checking to see if you are eligible for Medicaid can also help you reduce your costs. Medicaid eligibility is based on your income, household size, and other factors. Always double checking your medical bills is important to ensure you are charged the correct amount.

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