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With the rise of Covid-19 cases across the country, the spread of the virus has impacted physician visits in so many different ways. The regular patterns of people going into offices for doctor visits and physicians being able to easily and safely receive patients have been disrupted. There are so many new questions around what sort of healthcare provision provides a safe and sustainable solution for both doctors and patients, and luckily the rise of telehealth services has provided an incredible alternative to regular in-office visits. 

When the spread of Covid-19 began, many doctors and healthcare workers rapidly adapted to make sure that they were able to sustain their practice during a time with far fewer in-person consultations, along with making sure that patients were still provided the care that they needed. The Center for Disease Control urged practitioners to expand their telehealth services, and that is exactly what many did! With HIPAA compliant telehealth services, healthcare providers can support patients by using a secure video connection or messaging system. There are so many different reasons why using telehealth services has become crucial for both healthcare providers and patients during the pandemic. For example:

  • Healthcare providers worry less about themselves and their staff being at risk for contracting Covid-19.
  • Patients are also connecting from a remote and safe environment with no exposure to other potential Covid-19 cases.
  • Enhanced accessibility for patients means physicians can provide an increased quality of care with further appointments and follow-ups.
  • It provides a sustainable alternative for healthcare practices experiencing fewer in-person appointments due to the pandemic.
  • No longer will patients have to factor in travel time or expenses to access healthcare services.


Choosing Platforms and Preparation

If you’re a healthcare provider, there are of course many different considerations when it comes to choosing to provide peak accessibility for both your staff and patients in terms of telehealth services. First and foremost, choosing a platform that fits specifically with your patient needs. Platforms like Mend and Doctors on Demand or commonly used for virtual appointments. Additionally, many platforms also provide online documentation services, and if you’re a patient receiving care it’s important to make sure clinic staff can walk you through the platform download and documentation process.

Get Telehealth Services Today

If you’re looking for telehealth services, our staff at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena would love to support you in this process. We provide safe and secure virtual doctor visits, and our staff will walk you through scheduling your appointment and connecting with your doctor. Contact us and make your telehealth appointment today!

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