31 May 2021

5 Ways that Telehealth Services Benefit Doctors & Their Patients

The telehealth sector has been in place for several years; however, the COVID-19 pandemic created a significant increase in demand for these digital healthcare services. Using SaaS applications, healthcare providers are now able to offer patients a secure online portal where medical examinations, diagnoses, and prescriptions can be made in line with HIPAA compliance regulations. […]

25 Apr 2021

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Telemedicine?

It’s time for you to make the switch to telemedicine appointments! While going into the doctor’s office might be comfortable and familiar, you’ll be shocked to see how many advantages switching your appointments to a virtual platform will provide. From saving time to reducing risk to increased comfort- find out why telemedicine doctor services are an incredible […]

8 Mar 2021

Five Important Things to Know About Telemedicine

Healthcare in the U.S. is constantly evolving to meet the needs of individuals across the nation. Telemedicine has significantly changed the way that physicians communicate with their patients, and it is important to stay up to date on these changes to the administration of healthcare so that you know how best to reach your doctor […]

1 Mar 2021

Why Virtual Doctor Visits May Be Better Than In-Person Consultations

Modern technology has opened up a world of new possibilities in a variety of sectors, and healthcare professionals are some of the primary beneficiaries. Not only do virtual doctor visits make an excellent substitution for in-person consultations, but telehealth services have actually proven to improve healthcare in a variety of ways. Telemedicine is just starting […]

1 Oct 2020

How a Telemedicine Doctor Works as Urgent Care

Healthcare professionals have been looking for an effective digital alternative to urgent walk-in clinics for years. Not only is telehealth more accessible for patients who require urgent care, but it also enables physicians to see more patients per day and reduce wait times for all. By consulting with a telemedicine doctor via video conferencing, the […]

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