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Modern technology has opened up a world of new possibilities in a variety of sectors, and healthcare professionals are some of the primary beneficiaries. Not only do virtual doctor visits make an excellent substitution for in-person consultations, but telehealth services have actually proven to improve healthcare in a variety of ways.

Telemedicine is just starting to gain popularity in the U.S., and both patient and doctor responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Before seeking out an in-person appointment with your physician, read the following list of five benefits that you could enjoy by utilizing our telehealth services at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena.

5 Reasons to Switch to Virtual Doctor Visits

1. Healthcare from home

Many individuals who live in rural areas have to travel to the nearest city to reach their general practitioner. This can be stressful and frustrating given the short amount of time that patients actually spend speaking to their physician. Many patients also have no way to get to their doctor’s office because they are incarcerated, homebound due to a crippling health condition, or stuck at home taking care of a baby. Our virtual doctor visits fit into a larger number of people’s schedules and travel restrictions.

2. Suitable for certain mental disorders

Mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety can make it extremely difficult for patients to find the motivation to leave the house. It can also be difficult for sufferers of these conditions to open up about their mental health in person. Video conferencing provides a much less demanding atmosphere for these individuals.

3. Patients gain a better understanding of their health

Video conferencing offers capabilities that were previously unavailable to patients. During virtual doctor visits, the physician can use screen-sharing to show the patient their charts or medical history and further explain their health status.

4. Reduced human error

Even doctors are subject to human error, and they may not always keep a thorough record of the patient’s health concerns. With video conferencing, healthcare professionals can use the camera to go back and review the patient’s physical health issues. They can also automatically record their health assessment using the technology.

5. Improved care

Many patients have been surprised by how much more personal and in-depth their virtual doctor visits are as opposed to outdated, in-person consultations. Doctors are able to spend more time on each patient and develop a trusting relationship.

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