It’s time for you to make the switch to telemedicine appointments! While going into the doctor’s office might be comfortable and familiar, you’ll be shocked to see how many advantages switching your appointments to a virtual platform will provide. From saving time to reducing risk to increased comfort- find out why telemedicine doctor services are an incredible option.

Save Time – Just consider how much time you take out of your day with your traditional in-person doctor’s appointment. You have to take time traveling, then take time waiting for your appointment to start, and then also add in the time for your return trip. Not to mention the time you spend on all of this is time you might be losing from work or other important commitments. One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine doctor’s appointments is the huge timesaver it will be for you and your family.

Connect from Home – Another major advantage is that you have the ability to connect from the comfort of your own home. Going to the doctor’s office can often be an exhausting experience, especially if you’re not feeling well. Whether you roll up to your appointment in sweatpants or connect with a healthcare practitioner from a comfy chair with a nice warm cup of tea, you’ll be in a comfortable environment and you won’t have to expend precious energy to get care.

Good for Your Finances – Not only will you save time by connecting through telemedicine services, but you’ll also be saving valuable money and resources. By connecting virtually, you won’t need to spend money on transportation costs, and you won’t be losing any money from taking all of that travel time off of work. You’ll also be saving costs that might have been put towards things like childcare or family care which you would have had to expend being away from your home for longer periods of time.

Reduce Risk – The last valuable benefit to connecting through virtual health services is that you won’t be exposed to other potentially transmissible viruses. With Covid-19 an ever-present concern, utilizing virtual healthcare is a great way to minimize your exposure to potential health risks which naturally come from being in a shared environment like a doctor’s office or care clinic.

Get Telemedicine Doctor Services Today

If you’re interested in booking a telemedicine appointment or if you have questions about Covid-19 testing, our staff at Advanced Urgent Care Pasadena would love to support you with this process. Contact us today and let our professional and qualified medical staff support you in all your health needs.


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