3 Apr 2018

Flu Season Is Here! Know the Symptoms

One doesn’t have to be at an advanced urgent care center to know that flu season is in full swing, and it’s worse this year than most.  This year’s flu has been particularly vicious, with thousands of lives believed lost due to it.  In particular, this year’s flu is affecting children, the elderly, and those […]

2 Apr 2018

Our Urgent Care Team Presents a Guide to Determining If Your Child Is Too Sick for School

It happens to parents across the country on a regular basis. Their child wakes up and tells them they don’t feel like going to school today because they’re unwell. But how can you determine if your child is truly too sick to go to school? Our advanced urgent care team explains more in this latest […]

1 Apr 2018

Our Pasadena Urgent Care Team Explains How to Select Cold and Flu Products for Children

One of the more difficult elements in achieving treatment for your children when they have a cold or flu is ensuring the right medication is chosen. Some over-the-counter medications contain opioids, which can be dangerous for children of any age. So, within this latest post, our Pasadena advanced urgent care team looks into your cold […]

31 Mar 2018

Do You Need to See a Doctor for Your Sore Throat? The Advanced Urgent Care Team Explains

A sore throat is often nothing more than the result of a cold. But in some cases, the symptom can be related to a much more dangerous condition such as Group A Streptococcus bacteria, which cause strep throat. It’s important that you know more about the symptoms of dangerous throat conditions in deciding whether you […]

30 Mar 2018

Our Advanced Urgent Care Team Explains Fever in Children: When to Visit a Clinic

A child’s fever could be a sign of an impending medical issue. But there are cases in which the fever is a harmless symptom. It’s important to note when to take your child to the doctor as a result of their fever, and our team at Advanced Urgent Care can use our experience to explain […]

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