One of the unfortunate realities of medical care here in the U.S. is the cost of treatment. Many families are acutely aware of these costs when they visit their local facility for treatment. It’s why many patients are now choosing Alhambra urgent care facilities for their requirements, rather than visiting a local emergency clinic. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care explores the benefits of urgent care services, in our latest post.

Transparent pricing

One of the clear challenges with undergoing emergency care at a local emergency room is that, if the emergency room is outside of your insurance network, then you will pay the full price for treatment. However, most emergency work is not researched ahead of time. There’s no time to plan for the best treatment at the right facility. You’re taken to a facility nearby by ambulance. When visiting an urgent care clinic in Alhambra, you’ll receive clear visibility into pricing and you won’t be charged fees for outside of your network treatment. The fee you pay is the fee agreed upon with your insurance company. It’s an important advantage that will save you money when you go for urgent care treatment at a local Alhambra facility.

Discounts available for those without insurance

Another advantage of urgent care facilities is they offer discounts to those who don’t have insurance. This can mean that the total price paid is far below the price paid for the equivalent procedure at an emergency room. Patients are now saving thousands of dollars by simply choosing urgent care facilities for their treatment options.

Call ahead when possible

Before going for treatment at Advanced Urgent Care or any other urgent care facility, you should find out more about their treatment options. Most facilities can treat severe cuts and broken bones, but for other life-threatening conditions, you should still visit the hospital for treatment. Make sure you understand your full range of local treatment options by calling our team directly! We can help guide you about our insurance options and any discounts available to you if you do not have an insurance provider. To discover more about our services, call our offices today.

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