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Why Patients Prefer a Walk-In Medical Clinic

A walk-in clinic is a perfect option for those who want to see a medical professional in a timely manner, but don’t want to sit for hours in a busy emergency room waiting area. While having a regular family doctor is great for regular check-ups and longer-term health concerns, you might be faced with a more pressing health issue such as the flu, migraines, scrapes or burns, or any other number of other challenges you’d like addressed quickly and efficiently.

If you’re unable to book an appointment right away at your family doctor’s office, then a walk-in clinic is an amazing option.

What Reasons Are there to Choose a Walk-In Clinic?

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to choose your family doctor, a walk-in clinic, or an emergency room for your health concern, there are a few standard ways to help you make that choice. Anything that is serious or life-threatening such as a heart attack, large wound, stroke, seizure, or head injury should be treated at an emergency room.

If your health concern is pressing enough that you’re not comfortable waiting a few days for your family doctor, such as a serious cold, flu, rash, pink eye, sore throat, or animal bite, then a walk-in urgent care clinic is the way to go.

There are a number of benefits to seeking out support at an urgent care clinic including:

  • After-hours service is provided at many urgent care clinics. This means that even if it’s outside of the regular business hours that your family doctor normally operates, you can still arrive at any time you need to seek out medical attention. Accessing services after-hours allows patients to be treated quickly and as soon as possible, which is a definite plus!
  • Wraparound services are provided at many urgent care clinics. This means for example that any testing, lab work, or x-rays can often be done right away and on-site at an urgent care facility, leading to quick and speedy results.
  • Increased comfort under urgent circumstances is another huge benefit to a walk-in clinic, especially when treating young people. Going to the emergency room can be stress-inducing, with the long waiting times and packed holding rooms full of sick and injured people. A walk-in clinic is much more similar to your local doctor’s office, with the added efficiency of an emergency room.

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