Medical technology is constantly advancing, allowing physicians to better diagnose and treat patients. In the 19th century, X-ray imaging transformed the way that healthcare professionals assess the human body for ailments, by using electromagnetic radiation to reveal a detailed image of the inside of the body.

Our team at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena has described some of the most important attributes of X-ray technology.

Clear image of bone structure

Whether the patient has broken a bone or is suffering from a bone-related disorder such as scoliosis, X-ray imaging produces an incredibly accurate depiction of bone structure. This allows physicians to diagnose issues to do with the bones quickly, and provide information on treatment and rehabilitation.

Ability to highlight specific problems

The inner workings of the human body can be analyzed through the various shades of white, grey and black found on a traditional X-ray image. Upon initial assessment, physicians may not be able to view a clear, detailed image of internal organs, however, patients may be injected with a dye, which will reveal fine details within the organs. For example, patients with heart problems may have a dye injected into the coronary arteries before undergoing a chest X-ray. Additionally, facilities with access to more advanced, digital X-ray technology will be able to produce even more detailed images.

Non-invasive diagnoses

Prior to the late 19th century, healthcare professionals were limited to invasive options such as high-risk surgeries to view the inside of the body, which led to many untreated and misdiagnosed health problems. The implementation of X-ray technology has allowed physicians to quickly produce an in-depth image of the inside of the patient’s body, without any pain or discomfort.

X-ray machines are widely available

Unlike some of the more cumbersome machinery in the healthcare system such as MRI scanners, basic X-ray imaging can be done at many hospitals, urgent care clinics, and family physician offices. The availability of X-ray machines across healthcare facilities has made it easier for patients to receive faster treatment. This is important, as serious symptoms such as chest pain require X-ray technology to assess the problem before it’s too late.

An X-ray is an excellent way to gain a thorough understanding of your health, and diagnose serious problems. At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, we use digital X-ray technology to provide the best possible treatment. If you or a loved one require an urgent X-ray, call us today at 626-304-0404 to book an appointment!

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