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When Should You Take Your Child to A Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic in Pasadena?

Trying to raise a family on a tight budget can be an overwhelming challenge, particularly where healthcare is concerned. Everyone wants their child to grow up happy and healthy, but with healthcare costs in America so expensive, sometimes it seems like you might have to make some truly impossible choices.

Fortunately, there’s a new option: pediatric urgent care clinics in Pasadena!  Also called walk-in clinics, these resources offer truly affordable pediatric care in any situation which isn’t immediately life-threatening.  They help guarantee your child gets the care they need, without wrecking your budget.

For example:

Five Times You Should Take Your Child to A Pasadena Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic

1 – High fevers

Fevers can be especially harmful to young kids. Adults can get away with ignoring a fever much of the time, but kids can’t. If your child has a fever over 102 degrees, it’s time to take them to a nearby clinic.  Or, for newborns younger than a year, it should be any fever over 100 degrees.

2 – Difficulty breathing

Pay attention to your child’s breathing. They may have difficulty breathing, but not know how to tell you about it. If they’re coughing a lot, or you hear wheezing, take them to a walk-in clinic for a checkup.

3 – Abdominal pain

Any abdominal pain that lasts more than a few hours should absolutely be checked out. There are just too many things that could be wrong, and a young child typically won’t be able to articulate the type of pain they’re experiencing. Remember, appendicitis can strike at almost any age, even in children as young as two years.

4 – Ear Infections

Ear infections are bad for anyone, but children are particularly susceptible to them. So always be sure to visit a walk-in clinic in the event you think you or your child may have an ear infection.

5 – Bloody stool

Blood in your child’s stool (poop) is almost always a bad sign, as are any other unusual colors.  Always have this checked out, there are any number of bowel problems that could cause this.

(Unless you’ve given them Pepto-Bismol/pink bismuth lately.  That always turns stool a weird greenish-black color for a day or two.)

Pediatric Urgent Care Services

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena wants to help your child grow up healthy while keeping your budget balanced. The next time your little one needs care, come visit any time we’re open!

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