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What You Need to Know About Urgent Care Clinics

It is no secret that even momentary delays or minute misjudgments can have a significant impact on the outcome of a medical situation. Getting caught off-guard in the face of a medical emergency is certainly not a desirable situation.

However, emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and when they do happen, it is understandable for you to panic and freeze in your tracks. To avoid letting this moment of indecision hamper the medical odds, it is important for you to always have the contacts of your nearest urgent care centers handy.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena explains all you need to know about urgent care clinics in this quick blog.

What are Urgent Care Clinics?

As the name suggests, urgent care clinics are units that can provide immediate medical assistance in emergency cases. One thing to note here is that while these clinics are designed specifically for medical emergencies, they do not tend to all kinds of such cases.

To understand what this means, we first have to learn about the two main types of urgent medical situations: life-threatening and non-life-threatening. Life-threatening situations refer to emergencies like heart attacks that can kill you if not tended to immediately. Non-life-threatening situations, on the other hand, are medical conditions that will not kill you in a short span but still take a steady toll on how you feel and still demand urgent attention.

Some medical emergencies that can be taken to your nearest urgent care clinic include dizziness, allergic reactions, heartburn, sprains, ENT infections, stomach pains, body aches, migraines, asthma attacks, minor injuries, rashes, insect stings, animal bites, STDs, fever, coughs, flu, ulcers, etc.

Urgent Care Clinics Vs. Hospitals

The main benefit of going to your nearest urgent care clinic over a hospital is that you will get a quicker response and treatment. Additionally, treatment in these clinics is relatively cheaper than in a big hospital.

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