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What Makes Urgent Care Clinics Different?

The next time you need basic non-emergency medical care, visit your nearest urgent care clinic in Pasadena instead!

Urgent care clinics are popping up all over Pasadena, and across the country, and it’s not hard to see why.  Healthcare costs in America are spiraling out of control, and even having insurance isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you’ll be able to afford treatment at a doctor’s office or hospital.  A single trip to the ER can potentially ruin a person’s finances. People shouldn’t have to choose between their health and bankruptcy!

Urgent care clinics in Pasadena offer an alternative: truly affordable care for non-emergency medical situations, and they don’t even require an appointment.  That’s why people are increasingly turning to urgent care clinics as their main day-to-day healthcare provider.

Why Do People Choose Urgent Care in Pasadena?

When you visit an urgent care clinic, you can receive virtually any healthcare service, aside from problems that are immediately life-threatening. If you’ve been stabbed, or are having a heart attack, you should still go to the Emergency Room.  But for everything else, an urgent care clinic can take care of it – quickly and affordably.

Urgent care clinics staff fully qualified and licensed doctors and nurses, just like a regular doctor’s office.  The difference is simply that their staff recognizes how hard it is for some people to afford healthcare, and they want to help everyone – not just the rich.

Some of the best reasons to visit a Pasadena urgent care clinic include:

1 – Low Prices

According to studies, the average cost of an urgent care visit is typically only between $100-$200 and can easily be much less.  If you need help paying your bill, payment plans are always an option.

2 – No insurance is required

Urgent care clinics will typically accept insurance if you have it, but insurance is never a requirement.  An urgent care clinic in Pasadena will see anyone who’s in need.

3 – No appointment needed

Urgent care clinics are sometimes also called walk-in clinics because you’re free to walk in any time they’re open.  Most will accept appointments as well if you want faster service.

4 – A wide range of services

Walk-in clinics can handle almost anything that isn’t immediately life-threatening. Walk-in clinics can be your primary source for all non-emergency care.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena

The next time you need basic healthcare services, don’t break the bank at the hospital.  Visit your nearest urgent care clinic in Pasadena instead!

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