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In the beginning stages of the COVID pandemic, disease control centers were advising the public to avoid entering healthcare facilities in order to stop the spread of the virus. Although many U.S. citizens were asking the question, “where can I find COVID testing near me?,” healthcare providers were limited by state-mandated restrictions regarding large-scale testing.

Over time, the general opinion has changed to encourage healthcare providers to make testing as accessible as possible. Continue reading to learn why clinics such as Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena are now encouraging the public to come and receive multiple forms of COVID testing.

Why It’s Time to Look Up “COVID Testing Near Me”

Contribute to community analyses

With minimal testing available, it was becoming difficult for research to assess how the virus was spreading throughout communities and which practices were reducing the number of cases. With testing and urgent care now available to more members of the community, we are gradually expanding the body of knowledge surrounding the coronavirus, which will in turn, inform the way we treat future affected individuals.

Ensure your health following a high contact event

Those who engage in events where social distancing is a challenge should get tested immediately to ensure they have not been exposed to the virus. At Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena, we protect visitors against contact with other people by offering curbside and in-car testing. These services have drastically reduced the risk of being exposed to the virus while visiting a healthcare or COVID testing facility.

More testing resources are available

For those who are concerned about using medical resources that could go to patients in worse conditions, it is important to understand that healthcare providers have gained access to far more testing resources than they had during the beginning phases of the pandemic. Whether you suspect you may have had and recovered from the coronavirus, you have severe symptoms, or you have recently been in a crowded public space, you are now advised to seek out COVID testing near you. Our highly professional clinicians are able to provide you with a swab test and an antibody test with minimal wait times.

The recent expansion of COVID testing resources as well as the increased access to testing facilities is a positive change that will help researchers gain valuable information. If you have not yet been tested for COVID-19, contact us today to schedule a swab test or a blood antibody test!

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