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When a non-life-threatening medical problem hits, your best choice is usually to visit an urgent care clinic near Pasadena!

Urgent care clinics can offer most of the same services as a doctor’s office or hospital ER… except with shorter waits and much lower prices.  Staffed by genuine doctors and nurses, an urgent care clinic can help you with a wide variety of medical needs.  The list of services you can receive is quite long, but here are some of the types of services you can expect.

Types of Treatments You Can Get at A Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic

  1. General medical services

Your local urgent care clinic can help with just about any medical condition which isn’t life-threatening.  You can go there for standard checkups for yourself or your family, or for various types of injury.  Urgent care can handle bloody noses, shallow cuts, cleanly broken bones (where the bone isn’t visible), sports injuries such as twisted ankles, and much more.

  1. Birth control and family planning

Urgent care clinics are an excellent choice for getting your birth control pill prescription filled, as well as getting other forms of birth control such as condoms.  Along with this, an urgent care clinic can be your OB/GYN – without the silent judgment, you often get a hospital.

Additionally, you can get help with STD treatment or prevention, if needed.

  1. Vaccinations

Any urgent care clinic will have a full stock of vaccines and can provide them to you and your family as appropriate.  You’ll spend a lot less than if you go to the hospital for your shots!

  1. Physical exams

Does your school or place of work require you to have a physical examination or a drug test?  You are unlikely to be able to find a more affordable option than your local Pasadena urgent care clinic.

  1. Prescription services

The doctors employed at an urgent care clinic have prescription-writing rights, and there’s usually a pharmacy right on-site.  It’s an excellent option for routine prescriptions that require a doctor’s permissions, but without paying huge prices just to get a signature.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena Is Here for You!

From unexpected medical emergencies to everyday care for yourself and your family, Advanced Urgent Care offers a huge range of services you can afford.  Contact us for an appointment, or just walk in when you need us!


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