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For many people, when they realize they need medical services, they only think of two things: a doctor’s office, or the hospital.  However, we want people to know there’s a third option, and it’s the best option in many different scenarios:  visiting a Pasadena urgent care clinic instead!

In fact, every day more people are discovering the many benefits of Pasadena urgent care over the standard options for medical services.   Urgent care clinics can’t handle genuinely life-threatening situations (you still need an ER for those) but for everything else, urgent care is likely to be a great choice.

Here’s why.

Four Reasons Pasadena Urgent Care Simply Makes Sense

Walk-in whenever you need

Urgent care is like an emergency room – no appointment needed!  They’re open seven days a week and are happy to take walk-ins at any time.  Of course, you can also set up an appointment ahead of time, and that’s a good idea when you just need a basic check-up or similar services.

Low costs, affordable for anyone

Urgent care clinics are set up to provide great healthcare at the lowest prices they can, without compromising the quality of care.  Prices, even out-of-pocket, are vastly lower than you’ll find at the hospital or ER.  You don’t even need insurance to visit an urgent care clinic, although they take most forms of insurance if you have it.

Fast service

You don’t only save money when you visit an urgent care clinic in Pasadena; you also save time.  Wait times are shorter, and usually follow a “first come, first served” principal.  On slower days, you might even be able to walk straight in to see a doctor.

A huge range of services

Urgent care can’t handle life-threatening emergencies, but they can do almost anything else.  Services provided include:

  • Check ups
  • Physicals
  • Drug tests
  • STD tests
  • Stitching up minor lacerations
  • Setting basic broken bones
  • Mild-to-moderate burn treatment
  • X-rays
  • Long-term disease management
  • Cyst and abscess care
  • Family planning
  • Immunizations and other injections
  • Prescription writing and filling
  • Pap smears and other OB-GYN services

In short, your local Pasadena urgent care clinic really can be your full-time primary medical provider.  From checkups to emergency medical assistance, you can get almost any service at an urgent care clinic – while saving time and money!

Set up an appointment, or just come visit when you need us!

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