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When you are experiencing a health issue, the most obvious option is to visit an emergency room and see a doctor. But oftentimes this isn’t the right choice for your particular health challenge. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care has great experience in the healthcare field, and in this new post, we’re taking a look at why so many are now choosing urgent care clinic services rather than emergency rooms.

Speed of response

A leading issue associated with choosing emergency rooms is the time it can often take to see a doctor. If you’re not one of the first people in the room and you don’t have a severe injury, you may be waiting hours within the waiting area. You may be surrounded with those that have significant illnesses and you could be placing yourself in further danger if you choose to wait in the emergency room for care.

When you visit an urgent care clinic, you’ll be connected to an experienced healthcare professional in minutes and your health needs will be met in a calm environment.

Limited stress

When experiencing a healthcare problem, your body is already under a lot of stress and this stress can be exacerbated by visiting a busy emergency room. When you choose an urgent care clinic instead, you can ensure your treatment is completed in a calm environment in which professionals have the time and the focus to complete quality work. An emergency room environment is often not the right choice for those with smaller health concerns and those whose concerns are not an immediate risk to their life. When you have a deep cut, a minor infection, or the flu, you should choose an urgent care clinic for treatment.

Clear communication on cost

Emergency room treatment is often completed in a loud space in which it’s easy for patients and their families to be confused about the type of work being completed. In this environment, costs can grow exponentially with each new treatment completed, and families are not always aware in the moment about the associated price of the treatment. This can leave the patient with a large bill when they leave the facility.

Within the urgent care clinic, patients are always kept aware of the cost of treatment, and all bills are documented with each service itemized alongside its total price.

Our team at Advanced Urgent Care can offer exceptional service for your health needs in the coming months. To learn more about our facility, call us today.

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