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Are you in need of a doctor visit but not quite comfortable yet heading into the office with all the Covid-19 cases still in your neighborhood? Well luckily the past year has seen huge advances in telehealth services, and it should be no trouble at all to get you hooked into a remote doctor consultation. If you’re a Pasadena, CA, resident interested in telehealth services, read on to find out where to start and why connecting with a healthcare practitioner from the comfort of your own home is such a great option.

What is Telehealth?

The terms telehealth and telemedicine are often used interchangeably due to the fact that both terms encompass the combination of technology and healthcare. Telehealth is actually defined more as the umbrella term that includes all health services provided through telecommunications technology, while telemedicine specifically refers to remote medical practice. Telehealth practices can also differ based on the platforms and processes that are used. For example, your family doctor or urgent care clinic might want to connect with you virtually on a platform like Zoom or Skype, or one specifically designed for telemedicine with an associated document or communications portals. Whatever option you use, make sure you contact the associated medical clinic with any questions.

Benefits of Remote Telehealth in Pasadena, CA

When it comes to telehealth, there are so many reasons why it can often be a much more convenient option. You’ll no longer need to spend time or money traveling to your family physician or a care clinic, and if children or family care are a consideration there’s no longer any need to make arrangements to cover this care while you’re gone. Additionally, unless it’s an emergency, steering clear of medical offices for the time being also means you’ll be at a lower risk for contracting contagious viruses such as Covid-19.

What to Prepare

Before your telehealth appointment, make sure you have all the necessary space and technology that is required. Be sure to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone for your appointment, and headphones are also highly recommended to minimize background noise and help support privacy. Be sure to also connect from space with decent lighting in case you’re discussing a visible health concern and do your best to minimize any other distractions. 

Advice and Questions to Ask

If you’re interested in making a telehealth appointment, make sure you check in with your local healthcare provider on a few crucial questions. Confirm what platform will be used, check-in around their privacy policy, and double-check everything with your insurance coverage. It can also be a good idea to ask ahead of time just to prepare yourself with whether or not the appointment will be timed, and what the process is for follow-up or any prescriptions.

Remote Doctor Consultations in Pasadena CA 

If you’d like to book a telehealth appointment, get in touch with Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena. Our welcoming and professional staff will walk you through any necessary preparation you might need, and you’ll be able to go through any health concerns you might have with one of our qualified medical professionals. Get in touch and book your next telehealth appointment with us today!

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