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The discovery of X-rays is undoubtedly among the most important inventions in medical history.  Being able to see inside the human body has allowed for many diagnoses which could not happen in any other way and has saved uncountable lives over the years.

And if you need imaging, an urgent care X-ray is often the best choice!  Going to an urgent care clinic is better than going to a hospital in most ways, while still providing high-quality images for your doctors.

Why an Urgent Care X-Ray Simply Makes Sense

  1. Rapid response

All too often, hospitals are overcrowded, and the staff is over-burdened.  Even if your doctor says you need X-rays immediately, there’s no guarantee that the hospital’s X-ray will be available for you that day.  Or the next.

On the other hand, urgent care clinics are designed to get procedures done quickly and minimizing the time you have to wait around.  Sometimes, you can just walk straight in and get your X-rays done without any delay.  There’s less waiting around, which is good for your patience and your health.

  1. Affordable pricing

Urgent care clinics are for everyone.  They work hard to keep their prices down and don’t gouge like hospitals so often do.  Sure, urgent care clinics can usually accept insurance if you have it – but their prices are intended to be affordable even for people who lack insurance.

So, chances are, getting an urgent care X-ray will save you money, compared to getting it at the hospital – but you’ll still be getting the same quality of imaging.

  1. Easy distribution to your primary care providers

Some people worry that if they get an X-ray outside of the hospital, it will be hard for their doctors to see it.  However, that’s not the case at all!  X-rays are now entirely digital, with a dedicated file format (called DICOM) which can be emailed or otherwise electronically transferred to any doctors, at any medical facility.

Your X-rays can be in their hands by the time you’ve driven back to the hospital!

Turn to Advanced Urgent Care in Pasadena

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