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Five Reasons to Seek Urgent Care Near You

Finding urgent care near me is important if you need non-emergency medical attention. These urgent care services are a great option for a wide range of situations, such as an irritating rash, a sinus infection, or even a painful knee sprain. Visiting an urgent care clinic is essential in getting the medical attention you need, and it’s much more convenient than spending hours waiting around in an emergency room.

If you are still undecided, here are a few of the main reasons why you should seek urgent care near you.

1) Convenience

One of the main advantages of visiting an urgent care clinic is that it’s much more convenient compared to other options. You can always visit an urgent care center if you are dealing with an illness or injury that’s not life-threatening. A few of the most common reasons for visiting an urgent care center include skin rashes, respiratory illnesses, joint or muscle sprains, UTIs, or lacerations. Visiting a local urgent care center is a much better option than waiting a few days to see your regular doctor, as you can receive immediate care for any of these problems without delaying the treatment or recovery process.

2) Less Wait Time

Another advantage of going to an urgent care center is that you don’t have to spend a long time in the waiting room. On the other hand, sometimes you are forced to wait hours in the emergency room, which is never a fun experience for anyone. The average wait time at most ER’s is around three to four hours, while you usually only have to wait around 20 minutes at an urgent care clinic. Getting quicker medical attention is especially important for many illnesses or injuries. As you can see, choosing to visit the urgent care clinic is always a better option if you are dealing with a non-life-threatening medical issue.

3) Prompt Medical Care

An added benefit of searching for urgent care near me is that it helps you to receive prompt medical care. These medical physicians are trained on how to handle a wide range of situations, whether you are dealing with ear infections, vomiting, muscle sprains, or any other injuries. An urgent care clinic can even provide medical services for concussions, bone fractures, or lacerations. Receiving prompt medical care is important in giving you the best chance of recovery for any of these problems while also possibly providing pain relief.

4) In-House Lab

The majority of urgent care clinics include an onsite diagnostic lab to provide quick results for numerous medical tests. A few examples of point-of-care testing for immediate results include blood sugar, rapid mono, rapid flu, urinalysis, and pregnancy tests. Getting the results back will help you give peace of mind without having to wait around a few days on the results. However, any blood tests can take additional time for processing. Using a full-service clinic is also an excellent option if you require X-rays, EKGs, STD testing, urine tests, and much more.

5) Affordable Care

The cost of visiting the ER is often expensive, whether you have health insurance or if you are paying out of pocket. On the other hand, visiting an urgent care clinic is nearly always more affordable, and it’s a much more streamlined process compared to visiting the ER. For example, the average cost of a visit to the ER is around $1,000, while most urgent care visits only cost around $100 or less. These dramatic cost savings are even more beneficial if you ever need to visit urgent care multiple times. Ultimately, choosing to visit an urgent care center is almost always a more cost-effective option.

What is an Urgent Medical Condition?

Understanding the difference between an urgent medical condition and emergency services is important in helping you choose between these different options. An urgent medical condition is anything that’s not an emergency, but it still requires medical care within 24 hours. A few examples include cuts in need of stitches, falls, breathing difficulties, fever, sore throat, dehydration, vomiting, skin rashes, sprains, or urinary tract infections. Receiving medical care can help expedite the recovery process while also helping you to feel much better.

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