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What To Look for In a Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care clinics in Pasadena are really taking off, and that’s a great thing for anyone who wants easy and affordable healthcare.  Urgent care clinics specialize in providing “every day” medical services in a friendly environment, keeping costs low so that everyone can afford the services they need.

Urgent care clinics are equipped to handle true disease management, physicals and check-ups, minor burns, simple fractures, OB-GYN services, STD testing, and more!

The only question is which Pasadena urgent care clinic you should visit.  These are some of the features and services they should offer, so you know they’re legitimate.

Five Must-Haves In A Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic

1 – Walk-in services

One of the most important features of urgent care clinics is that they shouldn’t require appointments.  Most will take appointments if you want, but you should still be able to walk in at any time you need help.  The whole point of urgent care is to get the care you need, when you need it, without having to wait weeks for an appointment.

2 – No insurance requirement

Another great thing about Pasadena urgent care clinics is that they don’t require insurance – or at least they shouldn’t.  Prices should be low enough that most people can afford to pay out of pocket if they aren’t insured.

If an urgent care clinic requires insurance, they’re probably inflating their prices.

3 – Multiple examination rooms

Urgent care clinics should be set up to get people in and out as quickly as possible so that getting a check-up or test doesn’t take all day.  This means having multiple examination rooms so that they can look at as many patients as possible.

If a local clinic is so tiny it only has one exam room, there are probably better places you can go.

4 – Qualified staff

Urgent care clinics still employ fully qualified doctors and nurses!  If you’re in doubt, ask about their staff and their qualifications.  Visiting urgent care should never mean allowing an unqualified person to look at you.

5 – Plenty of diagnostic equipment

One of the most important services urgent care clinics provide are testing services, such as drug tests, STD tests, and X-Rays.  They should have this equipment on-site, so they can provide rapid results.  If they have to send things off to be tested elsewhere, find a better clinic.

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