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STD testing is a critical process that thousands undertake every day across the country. If you feel you have potentially contracted a sexually-transmitted disease, it is important that you work with a qualified STD testing specialist at an urgent care facility. But what are your options when going through the testing process? In this latest post, we will explain a little more about this subject and help you to make the right choice when selecting a testing facility.

The Options for STD Testing

When examining the options for STD testing it is important to consider the full range of facilities in making the right choice. These options include:

  • Family doctors

Your family doctor can offer testing for STDs. They can provide guidance on your testing needs and help you to understand which option best suits your circumstances.

  • Urgent care facilities

Oftentimes, patients choose urgent care facilities for STD testing because the process can be completed anonymously and without the risk of running into someone they know while at the clinic. The STD testing process is overseen by a dedicated expert who can help you to make effective choices about your health needs moving forward.

  • Online kits

Many are also now choosing to buy online kits to test for STDs at their own home. This is not usually recommended because the home environment is not bacteria-free, and a lack of testing knowledge can impact the veracity of the results.

The Screenings You Need

Another element to consider when reviewing STD testing options is the type of screenings you need. If you are going to visit an urgent care facility for STD testing, for example, you should first confirm with the facility they can do the screening you require.

Some forms of STD testing require comprehensive screening and need complex technology to run effectively. Make sure when choosing a care facility they have the requisite testing technology available to them to help diagnose you and confirm your condition.

Our team at Advanced Urgent Care has dedicated STD testing facilities designed to help protect you and provide you with the ideal treatment. To discover more about our services and our range of treatments, call us today.


Please note that our Urgent Care Facilities might not be able to treat all conditions similar to those described here and these patients are referred to a local emergency room if a high-level of care is required.

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