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Going in for urgent care STD testing in Pasadena can be a nerve-wracking experience.  We know because we help people with STD tests every day here at Advanced Urgent Care.  However, we also do everything we possibly can to make the process smooth and easy, within a comfortable environment.

Going to a Pasadena STD clinic will never be something that a person looks forward to, but you might be surprised at just how simple the process is.

What Happens When You Get Urgent Care STD Testing

Like with any clinic or hospital, your first step is to check in at the front desk and provide your basic information.  However, unlike hospitals, one thing you probably won’t be doing is waiting around.  Urgent care clinics specialize in minimizing waiting room times.

Once you’re called to the back for testing, the process is going to be quite similar to other checkups or physical exams you’ve had in the past.  The nurse or doctor will take your vital stats like your blood pressure, and weigh you, and they might give you an eye test as well.

As far as the samples themselves, most of those are easy.  One of the most common is a cheek swabbing, where the doctor simply sticks a Q-tip in your mouth for a moment.  You might also be asked for a urine sample, but don’t worry – we have privacy booths, so you can be comfortable while you provide it.

Finally, we will probably want a blood sample.  However, the process is quick and virtually painless.  You might not even feel it when we take the sample!

After that, it’s a matter of sending the samples off for testing, which does unfortunately still take 2-3 working days.  We’ll call or email you as soon as the results come in.  Hopefully, you’ll be all clear.  If not, well, your Pasadena urgent care clinic can also be your partner in helping you through the next steps in the process.  We’re fully equipped to help with STD management, including lifestyle coaching, as well as a full on-site pharmacy for any medications you might need.

If You Think You Need STD Tests, Don’t Wait

Please don’t put off testing, if you think you need it.  That will only make the situation worse.  Make an appointment at your local Pasadena STD clinic for fast, friendly, comfortable testing.


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