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STD testing can be a difficult process for many patients to go through. It can cause significant anxiety due to the potential impact of the results. That’s why it’s so important to work with a qualified urgent care team when undergoing STD testing. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care explain our tips for overcoming this fear in their latest post.

Focus on tangible steps

Make sure that when you’re going through the STD testing process at the urgent care clinic you focus on the tangible steps you can take. For example, reaching out to STD experts and researching the STD are two options you might take if you experience a positive result.

Communicate with loved ones

Loved ones can help you to overcome any adversity and it’s important that you work with them directly when going through with STD testing at your local urgent care clinic. Make sure you communicate with loved ones directly about any issues you’re experiencing and ask them to join you, if you feel comfortable, to help guide you through the process.

Listen to the experts

One of the leading mistakes many make when going through the STD testing process is not listening to their doctor. The doctor should be listened to throughout the process. They will help you to recover more effectively from any STD discovered and they will provide you the benefit of their years of experience in the healthcare field.

Remember millions are in your position

It’s important that you understand you’re not alone when you’ve been diagnosed with an STD. Millions of people are in the same position as you and millions of people are going through what you’re going through at this moment. Make sure you look for peer groups in your area. Your urgent care team can help you with this process as you look toward the future.

Our team at Advanced Urgent Care is committed to each patient that enters our facility. To learn more about our testing work, call us today.



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