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STD testing at your urgent care facility can be a critical option when you believe you have a sexually transmitted disease. It is important that you utilize this important in the event that you experience STD symptoms. And so within this latest post, we will explore more about the value of STD testing in a local urgent care facility.

Quick Access

A key benefit of working with your urgent care facility for STD testing is they can provide you with quick access to qualified professionals. They can help you to analyze your health concerns and provide you with clear information regarding your options. This can be a significant benefit when you are nervous about the potential of an STD. Having this level of quick access can calm your nerves and provide comfort.

Anonymous Services

Another important advantage to STD testing at a local urgent care facility is that it can be completed anonymously. If you are worried about the process of undergoing STD testing impacting your reputation, you can utilize anonymous services so there is no record of the event taking place. Make sure you speak with the team at the urgent care facility before you take on this process. They can help ensure that your records are sealed and protect your identity.

Comfort in the Event of an Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted, it is important that you have access to a counselor and a specialist who can diagnose any STDs you might have caught during the incident. Speaking with teams at local urgent care facilities can help you during this process. Not only can urgent care staff complete the testing for you, they can provide you with qualified guidance and help you find a local counselor who can work with you.

By utilizing urgent care facilities for the STD testing process, you will have the benefit of qualified advice available on short notice to help you begin treatment. It is imperative you speak with your local care professional today if you believe you have contracted an STD. To begin the process now, contact our team at Advanced Urgent Care directly. We are here to help bring you comfort and provide the highest quality of care.


Please note that our Urgent Care Facilities might not be able to treat all conditions similar to those described here and these patients are referred to a local emergency room if a high-level of care is required.

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