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It’s no secret that healthcare prices are out of control in America.  Visiting a doctor’s office for something simple like a physical exam, or round of flu shots, can cost you hundreds of dollars.  Or if you need a trip to the ER, the costs of care can be absolutely ruinous!

Fortunately, there is an alternative:  Pasadena urgent care.  A walk-in urgent care clinic can take care of any medical situation that isn’t immediately life threatening, and at affordable prices!  Urgent care clinics are set up so that anyone can receive treatment, even people without insurance.  If you’re accustomed to paying hospital-sized bills, you might be downright stunned at how affordable it is to visit an urgent care clinic in Pasadena.

How do they do it?  There are a few ways.

How Pasadena Urgent Care Clinics Keep Prices Low

  1. Lower costs of operation

When it comes down to it, the tools and supplies needed to handle the vast majority of medical needs are quite inexpensive.  Scalpels, sutures, antiseptics, basic antibiotics… those things are cheap!  Urgent care clinics don’t buy large expensive pieces of specialty equipment, like MRIs and surgical suites, which makes them much easier to operate.

  1. Fewer hands in the cookie jar

Another reason hospitals cost so much is that there are so many different people all taking money from the payments you make.  This can include:  the doctors individually (especially specialists, like anesthesiologists), your insurance company, the hospital’s insurance company, the hospital itself, and more.  Plus, many doctors have to pad their own fees to pay off their med school loans.

Urgent care clinics cut out as many middlemen as possible, which has the direct result of lowering patient costs.

  1. More direct payment options

Urgent care clinics are set up to provide services to as many people as possible, so they’re designed around direct payment.  They can take insurance if you have it, of course, but otherwise they assume many of their patients will be paying out-of-pocket.  So, they accommodate this.

  1. Saving time = saving money

Don’t forget, wait times at a Pasadena urgent care clinic are usually much shorter than wait times at a doctor’s office or hospital!  For a working person, that means fewer hours taken off work, and real money saved.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena

So next time you need basic medical care, come visit Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena!


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