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By making the right choices now you can begin to reduce the chances of heavy spring allergies in the coming weeks. Our urgent care team near Alhambra has many years’ experience responding to allergies and allergic reactions, and we’re helping you to get ahead of these issues with our guide to reducing spring allergies, in this latest post.

Commit to Vacuuming Frequently

By vacuuming frequently you can eliminate the dust and pet dander that leads to allergies over the long-term. Every week set aside a few minutes for vacuuming so that you can eliminate any allergy issues as the weather gets warmer. It’s particularly important to vacuum ceiling fans, as this can help eliminate the spread of dust and allergens across the home. You might also consider vacuuming furniture and carpets regularly to minimize allergies.

Use a Filter

High-efficiency particulate air filters are the ideal tool for eliminating allergens in the home environment. Simply install the filter in the rooms you use the most at home, and you’ll find yourself experiencing fewer and fewer allergies in the coming weeks. The filter can be used with your HVAC system to push dirty air outside the home and keep a safe and healthy home environment.

Stay on Top of Laundry

It can be easy to let laundry pile up as you go about your daily business. But this can often mean you’re going to spend more time dealing with allergies over several months. The sooner you clean your clothes, the less pollen and dust will be allowed to accumulate on them. And so take the time this season to launder your clothes each week, and you should see a significant impact on the level of allergies you experience in spring.

Our team at Advanced Urgent Care near Alhambra is here to guide you in taking healthy steps to avoid allergies this season. To learn more, call us now!



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