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Many sexually active people avoid testing for STDs at a nearby clinic. This may be out of misinformation about sexual health, fear of embarrassment, or anxiety over the possibility of receiving a frightening result.

The knowledgeable team at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena has provided five reasons why you have no reason to feel uncomfortable visiting a clinic for STD testing.

5 Reasons to visit an STD testing clinic near you

1. Professional atmosphere

One of the most common questions people ask themselves before visiting an STD clinic is, “will anyone judge me?” STD testing facilities treat people from all different backgrounds every day, and patients should expect a quick, highly professional service from the staff at any clinic.

2. Not all illnesses have obvious symptoms

There is a reason why healthcare professionals encourage sexually active individuals to seek out nearby STD testing on a regular basis. Some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia are difficult to identify and can cause serious consequences if left untreated. Individuals who have not changed sexual partners, those who use contraception during sexual activity, and even virgins are subject to contracting harmful diseases.

3.Your health could be worsening

Untreated sexually transmitted diseases could pose serious threats to your future health. Whether you notice symptoms of an STD or not, your body could be harboring a disease, which will eventually cause erectile dysfunction, infertility, and other serious problems if left untreated.

4. Your information will remain confidential

STD testing professionals understand that sexuality is incredibly personal, and many patients prefer to be discreet when visiting a clinic. Individuals should feel confident that their sexual health will not be discussed in the presence of other patients, and personal information will remain confidential so that you are the only person who is able to access your test results.

5. Peace of mind

Do you feel anxious at the thought of testing for STDs at a clinic near you? Whether your tests come back clear, or you have been diagnosed with an STD, all patients will have peace of mind, knowing the status of their sexual health, and the ability to relay this information to sexual partners.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena

All sexually active people should feel comfortable visiting sexual health clinics on a regular basis, in order to stay up to date on STD testing at a nearby location. The professional team at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena will ensure a comfortable interaction and discreet service. Call us today at 626-304-0404 to book an appointment!

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