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X-ray technology is now a critical tool used in the care of patients at urgent care facilities across the country. If you have been told you must have an X-ray, it is important you learn more about the process and value the technology can have in your care process. In this latest post, we will present our guide to the value of X-ray systems in urgent care facilities.

Improved Communication

A clear benefit of working with X-ray technology at urgent care facilities is that the technology can be used to improve the communication between the patient and their care team. Because the care team can see the problem directly on the X-ray, they can then discuss the issue more effectively with the patient. Using the X-ray scans, they can show the patient the nature of the problem and provide the patient with a clearer understanding of the next step in the care process

Faster Diagnosis

Rather than having to wait for their diagnosis and line-up to use the X-ray or ultrasound at a local hospital, patients can use urgent care x-ray systems to reduce their wait. These systems are designed based on the latest digital technology, ensuring that professionals can easily integrate the scan for use over the Internet and for dissemination to other specialists. The process speeds up final treatment timelines and ensures patients are not experiencing prolonged periods of pain before the diagnosis can be achieved.

Quality Results

The clarity provided by X-rays is a significant benefit to their use in urgent care work. There is no confusion about the type of injury suffered when professionals can clearly see the damage directly on the scan. The increasing availability of digital x-rays systems has also led to an increase in the quality of the scan, making diagnosis easier to confirm even for busy medical professionals. The scans can also be used in speaking with patients to show them directly the type of health issue they are experiencing and explain the potential for treatment.

Our team at Advanced Urgent Care now works with the latest x-ray systems within our care work. To discover more about the value of digital x-rays, call our team today.


Please note that our Urgent Care Facilities might not be able to treat all conditions similar to those described here and these patients are referred to a local emergency room if a high-level of care is required.

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