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How to Get the Most Out of Urgent Care

Visiting an urgent care center for a non-emergency situation is a great alternative compared to other options. A walk-in clinic often offers numerous services, such as occupational health, X-rays, COVID-19 testing, labs, and much more.

You can often receive medical care in twenty minutes or less, and it’s much more affordable than a visit to the emergency room. Of course, it’s important to visit an emergency room if you are dealing with a life-threatening situation.

Here are a few things to remember to get the best urgent care services available.

Check-In Online

Most urgent care clinics offer walk-in services, which means that you don’t have to schedule an appointment ahead of time. While not having to create an appointment is convenient, you can reduce the amount of time you spend in the waiting room by checking in online. Reserving your appointment ahead of time is a great way to further expedite the entire process.

Do Your Research

Not all urgent care centers provide the same type of medical services. Looking at their different services online can help you determine if a clinic is the right fit to meet your needs or if you need to look somewhere else. Comparing clinics in your area can make it easier to choose the best urgent care center available.

Finding a clinic that will accept your health insurance plan is also important in lowering costs. Taking the extra time by doing your research ahead of time is always worth it.

Bring Medical Documents

An urgent care center doesn’t have access to a patient’s extensive medical history compared to a doctor’s office. One easy way to expedite the treatment process and receive the best urgent care is to bring all of your medical documents with you. These documents will include your health insurance, a list of the prescription medication you are taking, a picture ID, and any other relevant information.

Choose an Optimal Time

An urgent care clinic is often busy at certain times of the day or night. Staying aware of this schedule can help you determine the best time to visit the clinic. For example, an urgent care clinic may be busier on the weekends or holidays due to many doctor offices not being open.

Keeping these things in mind can help you choose the best time to visit a clinic. You can also call ahead and ask for an estimated wait time before you leave your home.

Understand You Might Not See a Doctor

Most urgent care centers have doctors working on staff, but they may not always see each patient due to time constraints. Instead, you may see a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or another medical professional. Either way, they will likely provide treatment and recommend that you follow up with your doctor if necessary.

Cost of Services

One of the benefits of visiting urgent care is that it’s a much less expensive option compared to an emergency room. An average visit at the ER can easily cost an insured patient $1,000, while it may only cost $50 to $75 to visit an urgent care center.

While the price of services is dependent on your insurance, the cost of an urgent care center is nearly always a much more affordable option. Additionally, patients without insurance can pay with either cash or a credit card before seeing a healthcare provider.

Avoid Visiting Urgent Care for Emergencies

Calling 911 is essential if you are dealing with a life-threatening situation. An urgent care center isn’t set up to handle emergencies, as they are more suitable for treating colds, allergic reactions, strep throat, urinary tract infections, or bug stings.

Some of these medical facilities can even provide treatment for fractures or small lacerations. However, it’s always important to visit an emergency room to receive immediate care for a life-threatening situation.

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