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How To Get the Best Experience at A Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

With so many walk-in clinics (also called “urgent care clinics”) popping up around Pasadena, residents now have a lot of options when looking for affordable and friendly healthcare!  This is great, since it means, people don’t have to pay hugely inflated prices at doctor’s offices or hospitals just to get basic medical care.

However, with so many options comes the basic problem of how to pick a Pasadena walk-in clinic  that will give them the best experience.  So, let’s talk about how to find the best urgent care clinic for your needs, and what to expect once you get there!

I. How To Find a Great Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

1 – Proximity

Start with the urgent care clinic which is closest to you.  A walk-in clinic should be easy and convenient to visit, so that it can take care of your basic needs.  If you’re having to drive across town just to visit, you probably won’t make best use of its services.

2 – Services offered

Do you have special medical needs, or are you just looking for a good all-purpose general medical services provider?  If there’s anything in particular you require, make sure you check the clinic’s website for its list of services and types of medical professionals employed.  That way you won’t have any surprises when you show up.

3 – Do they accept insurance?

One hallmark of walk-in clinics is that they generally don’t require insurance.  That’s one way they make better healthcare available to more people!  However, if you do have insurance, you want to be able to take advantage of it.  Again, check their website.  They should list the insurance providers they work with.

4 – Can you make appointments?

As the name suggests, you can generally walk straight into a Pasadena walk-in clinic whenever you need them.  Most clinics will still allow you to make appointments, though, and that’s important if you’re juggling a busy schedule.  With an appointment, you should be able to go straight in to see a nurse or doctor, with minimal wait.

5 – How do they contact primary care providers?

If you’re going to an urgent care clinic while also making use of a primary care provider, you want to make sure they’re in communication.  Procedures can vary here; you may need to call the clinic and ask how the process works for them.

If you’ve ticked off all those important boxes, chances are you’ve found a great urgent care clinic that will be able to provide affordable medical services whenever you need them.  What should you expect when you visit?

II. An Ideal Experience at A Pasadena Walk-In Clinic

1 – A short wait

One thing urgent care clinics pride themselves on is minimizing your wait time.  Of course, every clinic only has a certain number of people on staff, and waits can happen.  However, because they operate purely on a “first come, first served” basis (aside from appointments) they can get through more patients, more quickly, than at a doctor’s office or hospital.  Your wait time should rarely, if ever, be longer than 15-30 minutes.

Compare this to the hours a person could wait at an Emergency Room, and it’s easy to see why people are choosing urgent care instead!

2 – Friendly staff

Walk-in clinics are here to provide great medical services to everyone who walks through the door.  Expect a friendly reception from workers who treat you like you matter.  We know hospitals and doctor’s offices can feel cold and unfriendly, and that’s exactly why we try harder to be as warm and welcoming as possible.

3 – Low prices

Urgent care clinics want to make it easy for everyone to get medical services, which means they do everything possible to keep costs down.  In many cases, you can get basic services from an urgent care clinic for a tiny fraction of what they would cost from a hospital – sometimes as low as 10% of hospital prices!  The typical bill is only in the area of $100-$150 dollars, and payment plans are an option, if needed.

4 – High quality care

Don’t worry – urgent care clinics can still provide excellent care despite the low prices.  Quality is a focus, with the cost savings coming in other ways, such as seeking out inexpensive locations to set up the clinic.  You’ll still be seen by genuine certified\degreed medical professionals who’ll treat you well.

5 – Diagnoses and prescriptions

Any good urgent care clinic will have at least one physician on-staff with prescription-writing privileges, so you can get the medications you need after you’re diagnosed.  Many even have on-site pharmacies, making it even cheaper and easier to get treatment.

Visit Our Walk-In Clinic in Pasadena Today

So, the next time you have a non-life-threatening medical need, don’t waste your time and money at the emergency room.  Visit Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena instead.

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