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What to Look for In a Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic

More and more urgent care clinics are popping up around Pasadena, and around the country – and that’s a good thing!  Given the huge expenses associated with doctor’s offices and hospitals, we’re glad that more and more people are getting access to genuinely affordable and convenient healthcare.

However, that does mean that someone looking for a good Pasadena urgent care clinic may have to do some research to decide which urgent care is right for them.  These are a few of the most important criteria to look at.

Four Important Factors When Choosing a Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic

1 – Ease of access

Ideally, your urgent care clinic should be nearby – as close as possible, within reason.  You shouldn’t have to drive across town to get healthcare, especially if you might be in a situation where long travel will only delay receiving treatment.  All other things being equal, choose the urgent care clinic nearest to you.

Also, pay attention to their hours.  You want to make sure they’re available when you need them, especially on weekends.

2 – Insurance acceptance

One hallmark of urgent care clinics is that they generally don’t require insurance so that anyone can get treatment.  However, the best clinics can still accept a wide variety of insurance types.  If you have insurance, be sure to check their website or call before you visit, to make sure they can accept it.

3 – The services you need

A good urgent care clinic in Pasadena will have many different types of non-emergency services available.  Many of these are fairly standard, such as doing physical exams, vaccinations, and disease testing.  However, individual services will still vary from location to location.  For example, many urgent care clinics have on-site pharmacies, but not all of them.  This would be a very useful service to have!  So, think about your needs, and compare them against the services offered by each clinic.

4 – COVID prevention measures

Right now, it’s important to consider what steps an urgent care clinic is taking to protect you and others from COVID-19 and its variants.   Beyond basics like requiring masks and hand sanitizer, many clinics are taking further steps, like seeing visitors in their cars rather than in the lobby.  Check their website to see how they’re dealing with COVID to pick a clinic that will keep you safe.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena proudly provides top-quality urgent care services at affordable prices.  Contact us to learn more, or just come visit when you need us.

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