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All You Need to Know About Blood Tests

We are all familiar with the concept of blood tests and have had them done several times over the course of our life. However, even a concept as common as blood tests is often not understood completely or properly by people. That’s why Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena has compiled this simple guide explaining all you need to know about blood tests.

Why Are Blood Tests Conducted?

Blood tests are conducted to understand how a person’s body reacts to certain types of medications, infections, injuries, etc. The blood sample collected is tested under various conditions and the results thus obtained are used to come up with suitable methods of recovery or prevention.

Where Can You Get Your Blood Tested?

You can get your blood test done at any nearby hospital or clinic with a general practitioner or practicing nurse.

The Sample Collection Process

The process of collecting a blood sample is rather simple. First, a strap of rubber, also known as a tourniquet, is wrapped around your upper arm tightly. This highlights the veins in your arm and makes it easy for the healthcare worker to locate the right spot for blood collection. Once done, the healthcare worker sterilizes the area with an alcohol wipe and inserts a needle into the vein to collect blood. This blood will then be stored in a small blood bottle and labeled for easy identification. And that’s it! The practitioner will put a piece of gauze or bandage over the punctured skin, and then you are free to go.

What Happens to the Blood Collected?

The small bottle of blood we collect is sent to a lab where a series of tests are run on it. Some such tests could be to measure the levels of cholesterol, glucose, RBC, WBC, etc. The results from these tests will help understand what diseases you have or are at risk of, and what you can do to prevent or cure the same.

Are There Any Preparatory Measures to be Taken Before a Blood Test?

While there is no specific preparation you need to do before most tests, it is always advisable to be well-hydrated before a blood test. Occasionally, there may be a need for you to fast before a test, in which case you should avoid eating anything till your sample is collected.

Get Quick and Reliable Blood Tests Done Near You

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena offers easy and reliable blood tests near you. Just walk in or contact us today!

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