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Five Things to Do Before Your Blood Test

Scheduling a routine blood test near you each year is recommended by most doctors. These tests can identify any medical conditions while also determining your risk status for specific health issues. Knowing a few things before getting a blood test is important to ensure the entire process happens smoothly and the tests are accurate.

What To Know Before You Take a Blood Test

1) Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking enough water before taking a blood test is essential to make it easier to locate your veins and avoid any complications. The only reason why you should avoid drinking any water is if your doctor requests you to fast before taking a blood test.

2) Discuss Your Medications with Your Doctor
Sometimes medications can cause blood tests to be inaccurate by skewing the results. It’s important to discuss all of the medications you are taking with your doctor before getting a blood test to avoid any confusion.

3) Avoid Some Activities
Not participating in stringent physical activities before a blood test is important to avoid compromising the results. Refraining from drinking alcohol or smoking is also recommended to improve the accuracy of your test.

4) Schedule Your Test Early
Choosing to schedule your blood test early in the day is often a good idea, especially if you are required to fast. The hours you spend sleeping the night before count towards your fast, which makes it much easier to avoid breaking your fast. You can often choose to visit an urgent care clinic without scheduling an appointment.

5) Ask About Certifications
Using a lab that’s certified is essential before you get your blood tested. A lab that has all of the medical equipment needed will make the entire process easy. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the phlebotomist has undergone the proper training and is certified.

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