Staying informed and up to date on your STD testing is important not only to protect your own sexual health, but this can also provide protection and peace of mind for your sexual partners.

Our professionals at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena have provided the most important information that you should know about STDs.

The Most Important Things to Know About STDs


Many people are under the impression that sexually transmitted diseases can only be passed via intercourse, when in fact, STDs can be passed through shared needles and oral sex. Whether you have engaged in sexual intercourse or not, it is important to be aware of symptoms of an STD and plan a day to have your STD testing done by a trusted physician.

STD Types

STD types vary in symptoms, treatment options, and effects. Some of the more common STDs are chlamydia, which can be cured fairly easily through medication from your local pharmacy if it is detected early, and HPV, which is incurable, however, treatment is available to manage this disease. Some of the most threatening STDs are syphilis, HIV and aids, which can cause serious symptoms such as heart problems that require X-rays and can be fatal. Other STDs, which produce uncomfortable symptoms include herpes, gonorrhea, and hepatitis B. Many of these STDs are curable if caught early. Individuals who notice any symptoms should seek out same-day STD testing for immediate care.


Symptoms vary between STDs, however, diseases such as chlamydia can be symptomless, which is why it is important to seek regular STD testing. Common symptoms of STDs such as herpes, syphilis, HIV, and aids are open sores on genitalia, as well as rashes or bumps. Another common symptom of an STD is noticeable changes in urine, such as clouded or darkened urine.


The most effective prevention for STDs is to avoid engaging in sexual activity. Other preventative measures include condoms, regular STD testing, communication with your partner about their sexual history, and same-day STD testing as soon as symptoms arise so that treatment can begin immediately.

Sexual health is incredibly important to maintaining a high quality of life. Male and female health can be affected by STDs in different ways, and it is important to seek out information on your sexual health status regularly, through routine STD testing. Call us today at 626-304-0404 or visit our clinic to access our services!

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