The qualified physicians working in women’s health clinics see women from a range of diverse backgrounds every day. It is clear to healthcare professionals that there are a few simple things that all women can do to maintain their optimal health.

The women’s health experts at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena have created a list of five key steps that women can take to care for their health.

Tips for Maintaining Female Health

1. Stay on top of nutrition

Women have changing nutritional needs throughout life. Young women often suffer from anemia due to menstruation and require a diet that is high in iron. During pregnancy, women require an increase of folic acid to support the healthy development of the fetus, and during menopause, women should focus on consuming vitamin D and calcium to support bone health.

2. Practice strength training during exercise

Age takes a serious toll on female bone structure, meaning strength training is essential for maintaining healthy bones. Women also endure a high amount of stress throughout the strenuous mental and physical changes in life, and exercise can be a great way to manage stress. Additionally, an exercise routine will help prevent weight-related diseases such as diabetes, which require urgent care.

3. Schedule regular health screenings

In addition to an annual physical done by your family doctor, women must monitor a range of health threats such as breast cancer, cervical problems, and a high risk for osteoporosis in old age. Women should seek regular examinations at a reputable women’s health clinic to find female-specific health resources.

4. Prevent skin damage

During the late morning and early afternoon, the sun causes the most damage to the skin, which could result in skin cancer. Women should avoid the outdoors during this time of the day and wear a high SPF sunscreen on a daily basis.

5. Get an adequate amount of sleep

During hormonal stages in life such as adolescence, pregnancy and during menopause, women are at an increased risk of sleep deprivation. Scientific research has shown that women are far more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses such as anxiety and heart disease when they do not get enough sleep. Women who suffer from sleep ailments such as insomnia or sleep apnea should visit a women’s health clinic for treatment.

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