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It’s a very good idea for anyone who is sexually active to visit an urgent care STD testing clinic in Pasadena at least once a year for an STD exam, or whenever they’ve gotten a new sexual partner.  No one wants to think about the potential of picking up an STD, but it’s always a possibility.

As much as it sucks to get a “positive” test result, it would be far worse to not know.

However, after that test result comes in, a very difficult conversation can ensue: bringing up the STD with your sexual partner(s).  This is a conversation that must happen – they need to know the risk!  They might even already be infected.

It’s a hard conversation.  Here are some tips to make it a little easier.

Five Tips for Having “The Talk” With Your Partner About an STD Diagnosis

  1. Research the disease beforehand

Not all STDs are life-changing.  Many are fully treatable, or at least have manageable symptoms that will minimize their impact on your life.  Don’t freak out; start by learning everything you can about the disease, so you’ll be well-informed for the conversation.

  1. Don’t be accusatory

Discovering the source of an STD infection can be very difficult, particularly if both partners have had multiple sexual partners in the past.  Don’t jump to conclusions about how you contracted the disease.  Try to keep the conversation practical and fact-based, rather than speculating about issues you can’t know for certain.

3 – Have the conversation in a private, comfortable environment

When and where you have this conversation is very important!  It’s best to do it in a situation where both of you are relaxed, and in private.  Telling someone in public that they might have STDs is a jerk move.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

Part of you is going to want to put off having the conversation as long as possible, but you really should get it off your chest ASAP.  For example, if you’re having dinner with your partner, tell them before rather than after.

  1. Have resources ready to help

Don’t leave your partner hanging.  Your research should have brought up resources you can share to help them.  At the least, you can recommend the Pasadena urgent care clinic you used, so they can get tested affordably.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena is here for you!  Contact us whenever you need.


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