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Many patients are now choosing to visit an urgent care clinic rather than visit their local emergency rooms for treatment. For those that are considering the value of the urgent care service, it’s important to know why urgent care is favored by so many. In this latest post, we’ll explain the benefits of visiting an urgent care clinic.

Shorter time to see a specialist

When visiting an urgent care clinic, you’ll face a shorter wait time for treatment. This is ideal for those that require a specialist on short notice when they have a cut or broken bone. The issue can be quickly analyzed, and treatment can be administered. The data shows that patients who are treated within a shorter timeframe tend to have a better prognosis in the long-term.

Lower cost

When you choose care at an urgent care clinic, you’ll receive a single bill for the service. This is better than the equivalent treatment at an emergency care facility, for which you may receive a bill for the facility and for the work carried out by a physician or nurse. The fees can vary greatly between emergency rooms and there is little notice of the cost of the service ahead of time.

No hidden fees

Another challenge that patients face when having treatment in emergency rooms is they receive a bill with hidden fees attached. Fees related to consumables costs such as the use of saline solution, syringes, and bandages, for example, can be added to the bills of patients at the emergency room. This can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in hidden fees. There is clear visibility into the cost of services at your local urgent care clinic and you’ll be able to see all costs itemized when you pay your bill.

 Advanced Urgent Care

Make sure you visit your local urgent care clinic when you experience a health care issue in the coming months. If possible, call ahead to research your service options and speak to a specialist about the type of treatments available. To discover more about the benefits of choosing urgent care, call our team today.

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