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7 Dec 2020

What are the Different Covid-19 Testing Options?

After many months of living in the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been widespread distribution of many different types of Covid-19 testing options. With the increased accessibility and types of testing, there has also arisen many questions regarding what the different types of testing do and how effective they are.   Whether you have Covid-19 symptoms, have been exposed […]

30 Nov 2020

Top 5 Tips on Telehealth Visits for Physicians

For both physicians and patients alike, telehealth visits are an amazing way to continue to provide top-notch patient care during a time where meeting in person can be a huge challenge. With the continued presence of Covid-19 across the country, telehealth services provide a crucial added layer of accessibility and help reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission for both […]

23 Nov 2020

Telehealth Services- A Great Option for Physicians and Patients

With the rise of Covid-19 cases across the country, the spread of the virus has impacted physician visits in so many different ways. The regular patterns of people going into offices for doctor visits and physicians being able to easily and safely receive patients have been disrupted. There are so many new questions around what […]

16 Nov 2020

How a Walk-In Clinic Near Me is a Great Option with Many Benefits

The number of walk-in clinics and urgent care centers continues to rise across the country. These medical facilities offer numerous benefits and are an excellent alternative for many patients that do not need to visit the emergency room. Searching for a walk-in near me is well worth the time and effort to ensure you receive […]

16 Nov 2020

How to Reduce the Costs If You Need Urgent Care with No Insurance

Making an appointment with a doctor is important if you are dealing with a medical issue. Unfortunately, plenty of people in the United States are unable to afford the high costs of health insurance. However, you should still visit a doctor if you need urgent care with no insurance. Community health clinics, walk-in clinics, and […]

2 Nov 2020

Why You Should Consider a Remote Doctor Consultation

The rapid advance of technology over the past few years has made it possible for many people to receive remote doctor consultation services. Telemedicine makes it easy for patients to receive medical care in rural areas without having to travel a long distance. This convenient form of healthcare is much more accessible and will only […]

26 Oct 2020

Four Things to Know About an Online Doctor Visit

An online doctor visit is an excellent option for a variety of people due to its convenience. You can easily schedule an appointment with a doctor without having to leave your home. A telehealth appointment can simply be done with a smartphone or a computer, as you can save yourself a lot of time by not having […]

25 Oct 2020

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena Offers Safe COVID-19 Testing

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October 25, 2020 – Pasadena, CA – New cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus are still appearing across California, and experts predict a second major wave of infections in the winter.  It is more important than ever for Californians to have access to COVID-19 testing, which is safe, accurate, and affordable to anyone – which is […]

19 Oct 2020

Five Reasons to Consider a Telemedicine Specialist

Technology makes it possible for people to receive medical care over the phone without the need for an in-person doctor visit. A telemedicine specialist can communicate with a patient through video chat to ensure they receive the best possible care. Ultimately, this is much more convenient and can save you a lot of time on […]

15 Oct 2020

What COVID Testing Near Me Tells: More People Are Now Eligible for COVID-19 Testing

In the beginning stages of the COVID pandemic, disease control centers were advising the public to avoid entering healthcare facilities in order to stop the spread of the virus. Although many U.S. citizens were asking the question, “where can I find COVID testing near me?,” healthcare providers were limited by state-mandated restrictions regarding large-scale testing. […]

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