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When a new STD epidemic emerges, STD clinics across the country experience a rise in patient numbers and in testing work. Now, the new MG superbug is causing confusion for many members of the public and thousands are visiting their local urgent care STD testing facility for guidance. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and in this latest post, we’re exploring the new MG superbug and its impact.

  • What is MG?

Before we move onto the challenges associated with MG and its treatment. Let’s look more into the condition. MG is short for Mycoplasma Genitalium. It’s a little-known sexually-transmitted disease associated with inflammation of the pelvis. If not treated effectively, it can leave women infertile.

  • What are the symptoms of MG?

The symptoms of MG include pain and fever. Some may also experience bleeding and discharge. It’s important to note, however, that MG does not always have related symptoms. As such, it can be missed by those who have the disease.

  • Why is MG becoming more prevalent?

While currently, only 1-to-2% of the population experiences symptoms associated with MG, the disease is set to become more prevalent over time if the trends continue. Specialists place the blame for the rising cases on the disease’s increasing resistance to antibiotics. One particular subset of antibiotics – macrolides – are not as effective as they have been in recent years. Macrolide resistance in the UK, for example, is now at 40%, and so alternative treatment options are being developed as new MG cases are discovered.

  • Prevention through the use of condoms

One way in which patients can prevent contracting MG is through the use of condoms and other safe-sex practices with partners. Condoms can prevent most STDs when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

STD testing available at local urgent care facilities

Patients can now undergo testing for MG as well as other common STDs at their local urgent care STD testing facility. If you’d like more information about sexual health and your STD testing options, please call our team today. We offer a professional and discreet testing service for all types of patient.

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